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Aussie adventure Sept 2010

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231. Posted by miss_c (Budding Member 15 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

you gotta do it. I think you'll have the best time on that oz intro thing.
we're looking at the 31st oct - 2nd nov. we're flying straight to cairns.
you'll probably already be there tho by then? (flying in on the 16th?) and maybe moved on?

right so I need to make a list of things to do..
1) flights
2) xmas accom
3) nye accom
4) luggage
5) what to pack
6) a job for after xmas
7) what to do from getting there (cairns) till xmas (sydney - whoop!)!!

hmm, sorry you probably didn't need all that but sometime good to write it down!

on that note I best go to bed, otherwise i'll be on here all night researching.
lord it's getting oh so real now....

232. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I keep making lists about lists so know what you mean!!

Will probably still be in cairns when you arrive as thought would stay there for a couple of weeks, so may bump into you both and could go have a few beers to catch up

Me also going to bed now as will never get up in the morn.

Talk to you again soon


233. Posted by Jess47 (Budding Member 40 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Lol it's so nice to see you girls chatting about this - this is what's currently going around in my head too! I'll be starting off in Perth, so would love it if you reported the best places you reckon I should go to on the East Coast and where best to stay so I'm clued up for when I head across - what do you think?

Re luggage thing, if you're taking domestic flights in Oz just watch your luggage allowance so that you're not stung in the pocket if you're over the limit. I'm still umming and ahhing over what size - will get there in the end!

Miss_c - I'm a list-o-maniac, mine was so long I've had to split it into things to do each month! lol

With insurance I heard Lonely Planet recommends World Nomads but it seems v expensive - just not sure what to go with, the policy gumph bores me to tears!

234. Posted by L_J (Budding Member 9 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

OMG I'm so glad I found this forum, from an idea I had that I should look at some travel forums before making a definate decision of what I should do. I've been looking at HUNDREDS of different travel options over the past few weeks, and I finally found what I thought to be a really good program to go to Austrailia., which would help me get set up, find a job etc, and hopefully travel around as well, called oyster..
I was gonna apply through them, as they look so supportive and calmed any worries I had of going it alone, until I came on here and saw the ozintro thing you're all talking about. I checked out their website and they look SO much better, and for a third of the price! I can't believe it! Has anyone used this company before? Is there any sort of catch? Is there any way to check that they are reputable and trustworthy? I can't believe how much better they are! I would definatley go through them if anyone can tell me anything on their background, I haven't looked through the site throughly yet, I would want to check how well known and verified they are first. What does anyone else think on the comparison between these two companies? There must be a reason that one is so much better AND cheaper than the other? Where did everyone hear about ozintro from, because I hadn't come across them before? SO excited about the thought of going to oz!


235. Posted by Zozzle27 (Budding Member 23 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Laura

I agree the idea of Oz Intro etc is such a good one if you're travelling alone (as I plan to in September!) I heard about Oz Intro on here, then googled it! My friend went with "Real Gap" which is another company who do similar programmes - they offer three different ones to Oz I think; my friend rates them very highly so I think that's who i'm going to go with (hopefully on 6th September!) and the offer other programmes in other parts of the world too so it may be worth looking into! I havent heard of Oyster but may have a look just to see what they offer!


236. Posted by L_J (Budding Member 9 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Ok, I've just been surfing round a lot of reviews of various things. When I first strated researching, real gap was the first company I looked at, but a lot of their stuff was aimed at students so I couldn't do it, as I graduated over 2 years ago. Now I'm kinda glad, anyone I've spoken to about real gap had a not great experience, and looking through the sites I just have been they are pretty badly slated for being disorganised, not keeping their word and giving a bad overall experience, all these reviews are balanced out with some good points and making the most out of it still having an alright time, but I haven't heard a single person reccomend them. However, ozintro seem to have raving reviews everywhere, the only problem people seem to have with them is that if you book it all yourself you can get it a bit cheaper, but to that I say of course you will, but they take a way the hassel of organising, have events already planned which you might not think to do otherwise, give you an amazing start with a group of people, which is REALLY important for me as Im travelling for the first time ever, and doing it on my own! Scary! And if you wanna do other things you have a whole year of your own time to do it in, with their continued support if you need it. As for it being expensive, until I had a quick browse around some travellers forums to double check before booking, I was about to go with Oyster, who charge £995! for a service that sounds no where near as good! So the price doesn't bother me so much! =D The only problem I have with it is that it sounds TOO good, but after looking around the various and plentiful reviews on other sites, I think I will def go with ozintro!

237. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

HI Laura

Welcome to the group, its great to hear that you are also considering going with Ozintro also, as that is what im going to do.
I have actually just been on the phone with them in the last hour and they were really helpful, and i also spoke to Real traveller who work alongside Ozintro with regards to booking your flights, the man is going to ring me back with hopefully a good price and also to let me know what flight the other people in the group for Oct 18th are on, at least that way you can all meet at Heathrow and fly together.
Im also doing this alone, and to be honest im so scared but yet so excited, but i know i will feel better if i know i am going to somewhere where people will be in the same boat as me.
How old r u if you dont mind me asking, as when i spoke to Ozintro they said that on the particular week im wanting to go, their is one person who is 18 and everyone else is in the early, mid and late 20's so a good range of ages all round.

Do you have a plan on what you fancy doing after the 1st week in sydney???


238. Posted by Zozzle27 (Budding Member 23 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Laura

That's really interesting as I based my intention on going with Real Gap because I know one person who did it (in Oz) and enjoyed it, plus the fact they offer other trips in others countries. I graduated six years ago so 27 perhaps i would be in the minority if most people are just out of college/uni. After researching reviews I see what you mean, they arent very positive at all! Perhaps Oz Intro is the way to go after all! I definately think paying a little bit extra to know that your accommodation, flight pick up etc is included is well worth it than doing it yourself as I am a first time traveller and would like this reassurance when I get there! I like the idea of all meeting before you fly as well (or at least having each other's contact details).

There seem to be a lot of people going in October, is there anyone planning to go beginning of September this year?


239. Posted by Lee Jeffs (Budding Member 16 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hello Everyone,

Im looking at going austrailia on my own but a little later than you lot im looking in november! I have read all the posts on here and there some great tips plus claims the nervs abit haha!

Feel abit weird posting on here as 1. its my first post and 2. im a male and everyone on here seems female lol!

You all sound so excited about going! :)

Ive not actually booked anything but i have already handed in my notice at work as im staying in spain for 2 months with a friend and then im off to vegas for a week but im looking at do a yr work visa and will get some jobs on the way! Ive never done anything like this before and feel abit nervous as i feel like ive not got a clue what to do and organsie.

In regard to hostel booking what sites you lot looking at? im ive also being lookin into ozintro and they seem to be really good but im not sure if im just gonna get a flight and just go for it!

240. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Lee,

Don't worry about posting on here, it's not just for girls!!

I was originally going to go for OzIntro but I think it depends on what you want out of it and what sort of person you are. I'm 30, quite stubborn and very independent so an organised thing like Ozintro is def not for me, however if you're more reserved, nervous or just enjoy doing things in a group and having the support then Ozintro sounds fabulous.

Hostel-wise I've found the YHA ones look pretty good and Trip Advisor is great for reviews etc. Loads of info on this site too though and once you start looking through the forums you find out alsorts of tips and stuff that you never would have thought of on your own, it's great!

Get organising, you'll love it!!!!


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