3 weeks in Europe, too many cities?? hmmm

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Hi hi,

So basically I want to know the quickest way to go through all/most of the following, staring in London.
Brussels, Amsterdam, somewhere in Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, suggestions?), Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, Switzerland somewhere, Paris and back to London.

I'm a rookie when it comes to travelling, Bali is my usual destination however I am desperate to see Europe!!!

Obviously flying will be the quickest way to get around but I don't mind train/bus transport either especially in means of savings a bit of coin. I also like to party haha.

As I know next to nothing, does anyone have helpful info for me in terms of getting around, airlines, things I should see, maybe nice places to stay... basically anything.

Much appreciated. Thanks

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Have you looked at 'Busabout'?

Not sure if it'll be possible to do all that in one trip though :(

In a campervan, in three-four weeks we managed to drive from the UK, down though France, into Italy as far as Pompeii, taking in Florence, Rome etc., back up to Venice, then back though Switzerland, Germany & France.
We did stop at places along the way, and some for a few nights.
Hope this helps!

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Sounds like you're going to have a blast.

I have travelled around Europe for 3 weeks each time - first time eastern Europe, second time Western Europe. Both times using an Inter-rail pass.

I actually think flying would NOT be the most efficient way to do it - think of all the time wasted waiting in airport. Europe really isn't that big and the train systen is highly efficient. Distances between cities are not that huge and it is extremely do-able. Also the train stations are mostly in the city centres so you're already there - without any need to travel into the cities from the airports on the outskirts.

Get yourself a good train timetable, you can get them in most good book stores (definitely in London), that will have the timetables for the whole of Europe. Seat reservations are sometimes required but not always so you can just turn up and hop on the train. I think it's called the Thomas Cook Rail Timetable or something like that.

I would never ever consider flying within Europe, it's just too easy to travel around.

As regards places to visit - in Germany I would definitely recommend Berlin and Munich. Italy - Venice, Florence, Rome.

I remember the trains into Switzerland being quite awkward at the times we wanted to go so we went to Vienna and Salzburg in Austria instead.

Amsterdam is worth a look. Brussels is kinda dull but, if you can, go to Bruges - beautiful city, think beer and chocolate, the best things about Belgium!!

Sit down with a map, look at the timetables and have a rough route of where you want to go!! Easy as pie!

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That does sound like a lot. I loved Munich as well. You may want to cut one city out of Italy to make your life a bit easier though. Also, can you send me a private message with some information about Bali? I am looking to go there on my honeymoon in late July and could use some suggestions. Thanks.

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Ten+ destinations in 21 days! That is 2 days per city max and accounting for travel time (4-8 hours between places) you'll end up seeing most destinations from the window of a train.

3-5 big cities like London and Paris is realistic. My suggestion would be to go London-Paris-Rome-Florence-Venice-maybe one other place. For the Italy part plan 10-14 days, split the rest of the time between London and Paris.

Frankfurt has not much to offer btw, you can see the main sights of the city in about 6 hours. Can be great if all you have is 1-2 days for Germany, but if you have more time don't waste it there. Go to Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg or Munich instead.

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You're desparate to see Europe yet you want to go through all these cities in 3 weeks? Slow down 'cos you ain't gonna see anything with that timetable. Europe maybe small but it's f**kin' intense! In 3 weeks just try to see ONE part of ONE country.