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Hi all!!

I'm 16, from Australia, already travelled to the US, Thailand and most recently Italy with group of friends. Had the time of my life(so far i might add haha ;)). Just finished year 11, managed to go to school 7hrs a day, 5 days a week, play sport 5hrs a week after school and work on average 20hrs a week(and save over 80% of that money). i cant wait to take a long, much awaited holiday!! As my busy schedule will continue throughout next year, while finishing my last year of school, i'm starting to get a rough plan of my holiday now!!

I have a fair bit of travel knowledge - well enough to keep my parents from going crazy at the thought of me going overseas for 3months!! - but as this will be the biggest trip so far, i'm just trying to do as much research and get as much advice now so the trip is as enjoyable and hassle free as possible!!

Everytime I have been overseas I have used ATM cards and small amounts of cash and have never had any problems however I can't really compare it as I haven't used travellers cheques before. Should I stick to ATM cards and cash or check out the travellers cheques?

So far a friend and i are planning to leave November '05 and come home Feb-March '05. We want to go on a contiki tour throughout Europe and then to venture off by ourselves to the countries unseen on the tour. The countries we want to see(whether on our own or on a tour) include Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK and Greece. Some tours include these and others but this is our rough guide so far.

Are there any other countries you would recommend? Are there any particular events and monuments we should see?, the best and cheapest way to travel?, best and cheapest places to stay?, any advice would be great so we can get more of an idea of what we want to do, and more importantly, what we can afford!!



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You travelled from Australia to Italy with a group of friends and you're 16??? Sounds like you've got your parents where you want them to be; i.e wrapped around your finger.

On your trip next year, keep in mind that you will be spending most of your time away while it is Winter in Europe. These winters can be very long, very cold, and very gloomy. So if you have the money and your friends are cool with it, I'd try to get a bit of skiing in if possible. The options are endless (France, Italy, Austria, Andorra, etc). Otherwise, I think Turkey is a very interesting and inexpensive destination. You can also do some of the Greek Islands at the same time; maybe travel from Athens through some of the islands and then directy to Turkey (have a look at the town of Bodrum on map).

As for the other places you've mentioned, they're all interesting in their own right.

My idea is that when you are in a place, try to see some of the things that are not part of the usual tourist "must sees". Spend a day in a market, catch the train somewhere and just get off and walk somewhere, sit on a London bus for 3 get my point.

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Hi James,
hmm...i wouldn't quite say i have my parents wrapped round my finger(haha although that would be nice), the trip to italy was a school trip(which i fundraised all money for airfares, tickets, hotels etc and worked for all my spending money!!). My mum is a keen traveller and unfortunately for her, she had to stay at home while i went jetsetting to italy without her!!although i did feel a bit guilty, i didnt let that stop me from having an awesome time!!

As for the skiing, i think it's a great idea, just have to convince my friend who has never seen snow before!! we went to italy in january so we have a good idea about the weather, we would love to go in summer but it's the only chance we get to have 3-4 months off.

Turkey sounds interesting, don't know a lot about the place or what to see but i'll check it out!!Greek islands were on the list of places to see and i've been told that even though its not the best time of year to go, to have a good time during a not so good time of year, we should go in january.

Lots of random trips, as you suggested are also on the list. We reckon these are some of the best memories that we'll bring home!!

Thanks again for your help, i dont think we wouldve thought of turkey but we'll check it out for sure!!