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1. Posted by gordie_3 (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm currently being bombarded by travel agents all telling me different ways to do the whitesundays and fraser island but i'm not sure if i want too. i'm wondering if its money that could be spent elsewhere or if its really worth all the hype? some input from people who have both enjoyed the two or those that have hated them would be awesome. i always find it hard to spend a few hundred in one place so thats why this is so difficult haha. the sailing sounds nice but will i get tired of being on a boat for 2 days? and i'm traveling alone so will i get screwed 4X4ing with people i don't like? lol thanks guys.

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Hi Gordo,

Well, I've done both and loved them both, but I didn't drop several hundred bucks in both places... I spent quite a bit on Fraser, but that is because once you're on the island you have to get around too, so you'd need to look into something like a self drive or tour thing here.

The Whitsundays are very beautiful, but I only ended up doing a day tour of the whitehaven beach and some snorkling. Nothing too extensive and you can save some money by doing it that way too. I have heard good things about the multi day tours, but doubt it's more than just getting pissed on a boat for a couple of days :)



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The Whitsunday Islands are very expensive- they are all pretty much 4 and 5 star resorts with all the facilities etc that you'd expect from a place like that. a cheaper alternative is to stay on the mainland (airlie beach- much cheaper accommodation), and then do day trips out. i've heard that on these day trips you get to enjoy all the facilities of the resorts, without the hefty price tag! makes the people who have paid the hundreds of dollars to stay at the resort a bit ... upset perhaps?


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hi there,

The two trips are both definitely worth a visit. I just got back from there in october and the two trips were the highlight!!!

We booked with backpackers world after hearing a few recommendations and people were right. Im sure you will just be able to book them two trips with them.

Fraser - yeah it does depend on what group you get with but isnt that the risk with everything. If you can take your driving licence and drive on the wildest terrain going and also along the beach!! The two main lakes on the island are AMAZING!! lake wabby and cannot remember the other one. Both post card scenes. Our trip was with Palace.

Whitsundays - dont both with going on a maxi boat. Too expensive we went on a smaller boat with prosail/nextsail and only had 6 people on our boat. Whitehaven beach is amazing...the best thing you will see on your trip guaranteed!!!

If you want i'll send you some of my photos to convince you!


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I'd wager a bet the other lake you're talking about is Lake MacKenzie :)

By the way, there's quite some controversy around self drive touring on Fraser since the offroading by inexperienced drivers does cause the nature a fair bit of damage. Of course the tourism reps have a hard time agreeing with that since it's hugely popular...

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Here's my photos if anyone is interested!

If these dont convince you it's worth doing then i do not know what will.



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ahhh yes the pictures look amazing, the ones on the boat stand out moreso but fraser looks liek the party everyone says it is haha. thanks to everyone for replies this is great. now if only choosing a boat/company was as easy as deciding to go haha...