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Hi i just wanted to share my cambodia plans with those who have been there before and to ask if you can add your own advice.

We plan to travel from bangkok to Angkor Wat and to stay in siem reap to see the temples for approxiamately 3-4 days. Is this a good plan....can we see most of the main temples in such a short time?

We then plan to travel into vietnam across the border, but the only entry point is down by the Mekong delta meaning we would have to travel through (and probably stay a night in Phom Penn). We didnt really plan on seeing any of Phom Penn because we have not heard great things about it.

Could anyone who has been there share a little about Phom penn and is there really much point in a visit there??

Any help/advice/stories/tips/annecdotes would be greatly appreciated

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You can definitely get a good idea of Angkor in three days, although, to be honest, you could still spend weeks there and not see it all. It is, for me, the absolutely "must see" in the whole of SEA.

You're probably right that you will have to travel through PP. I stayed there for a few days and enjoyed it, although I know it's not to everybody's taste. If you take the boat from siem Reap and head out of PP the next morning, you'll only have a few hours to spend there anyway.

A wander around one of the large markets and possibly down by the river and a meal somewhere or a few beers should take this time up. Then off the next morning to Vietnam.

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Brilliant!! thanks for this advice.
I realise it could take weeks to see angkor wat in all its glory. I only started to read about cambodia recently because my iteniary changed and now i am glad i will get to see this.

I think i agree with you with regard to PP, if we time everything right we should be able to spend just a short while there.

Does anyone out there disagree? Is PP a must see city???

Any more help/advice/tips/stories etc would still be v. much appreciated

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Hi Louise,

The worst thing about Cambodia is the roads. Try to avoid them as much as possible. They are the roughest imagineable, full of holes and unexploded landmines. Quite a few beggars without legs.

If you travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap, you'll probably be crammed into a mini-bus. Plenty of guesthouses in Siem Reap.The passes to Angkor Wat are for one day or three days. Three days should be plenty.

Take the Rambo boat down to Pnom Penh. The S21 Genocide Museum (former high school) will leave you stunned. The Killing Fields aren't really very impressive so far as tourist attractions go.

Lots of people mention "The Heart of Darkness" nightclub, but the nearby Walkabout Hotel offers very comfortable accommodation if you want to be right in town.

There are beaches at Sihanoukville in the south of Cambodia on the Gulf o Thailand. You can catch a bus down from Pnom Penh. The road is good and Sihanoukville is pretty chilled. I stayed at Dada's Guesthouse at Victory Beach for about $US2 per night.

From Pnom Penh, you might care to travel down the Mekong Delta by boat into Vietnam.

Cambodia is definitely a jolt to the senses, but certainly worth the adventure.