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Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean INTERNAL FLIGHTS TO HAITI! Vital help needed!

1. Posted by jimhowe (Budding Member 20 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

ok, I really need someone to lend a hand with internal flights, because im having a nightmare, and it's in a good cause!

I'm travelling to Peru in less than a week for 3 months. I intended to spend the first month teaching in Trujillo, then organising conservation work with a company i have been in contact with.

I applied with the organisation 'Hands on Disaster Response' to go and help out with the disaster in Haiti a while back, and they've just gotten back to me giving me the green light to go on the 1st May. This is something i really really want to do, but they need me to confirm my flight details/travel plans so they know when to expect me there. The problem is that i'm having real trouble booking anything to get me there, so I could use someone who knows to help me out, because on the subject of internal travel in S.A., i know nothing.

I know that some airlines are flying into Haiti, American Airlines for example and Virgin Atlantic, but that doesn't help in S.A., but it is accessible by air. Another thing to do would be to travel overland, as HODR detail on their website:

"Another option is to travel overland from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Port au Prince. This trip will take between 7-9 hours. One reputable, major bus company is Caribe Tours. The other is Terra Bus. More specific information to follow."

this is the website

OK, so what I'm after is 1) anyone who knows how I can fly to Haiti. i have planned initially to be in Lima, but obviously i can change this if i need to get anywhere more conducive to being able to fly to Haiti.

or 2)any suggestions on the best place to fly from and to, to get me close enough so that I can make my own way.

Alternatively does anyone think that the easiest way will be to fly to somewhere in the states and go from there? obviously money is far from endless, or even abundant, but I'm amking it work, one way or the other, so any suggestions are really appreciated!


2. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2012 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I just looked up travel from Lima (May 1st) to both Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo:

much cheaper to go into Santo Domingo - $303. one-way on TACA and LACSA Airlines with the connection in San Jose, Costa Rica

the flight into Port-au-Prince is on American Air via connection in Miami for $483.

I did the search on - you could book there if you hold a US credit card or wait and visit a travel agent in Lima. I'm sure the price will fluctuate as time progresses.

You might also try looking at connections via Cuba - I believe Cubana might be able to get you to somewhere on Hispaniola a little cheaper (search for a Cuban travel agent)

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