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Frustrated new subscribers

Travel Forums System Talk Frustrated new subscribers

1. Posted by talismanic (Budding Member 15 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I have a blog up and running and I have been inviting friends to subscribe. When they click the link they receive by email they have to sign up, which is fine, but then the problem starts. What most of my friends want to do is simply read my blog and see my pics. But after signing up there is no link to my blog which is what I invited them to view.

I have tried this myself using a different email address and can well understand their frustration!! It really is annoying. OK, they could search for my blog....and I tried using both my username and the title of my blog. Each search produced nil results. How can this be resolved ??


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 6285 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hmm, a bit confused which email yo umean. When i get notifications of new entries, this is the format:

Hi Peter Daams,

A new entry has been posted by xxx on the Travellerspoint blog "xxx".

To read the entry or leave comments, you can follow the link below by clicking on it, or copying and pasting it in the address bar of your web browser.


As you can see, there's always a link provided. So I'm guessing this is not the email you are referring to? Are you referring to the welcome email after signing up on Travellerspoint? If so, I'm not sure how that ties in with the subscribing, since there is no need to be a member of Travellerspoint to subscribe to your blog.

To clarify, which link specifically are you sending your friends when inviting them to subscribe?

3. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5174 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

What exactly do you do when you "invite friends to subscribe"? Based on your description I suspect you're going through the My Referrals page, which indeed doesn't have any relation to your blog, and just invites people to become a part of the Travellerspoint website. What you'd want instead is the Spread the Word page, which has links to send people emails with the exact url of your blog. (e.g., which you could also just give people manually.)
There's absolutely no requirement for friends to register on the site if they just want to read your blog and view your photos, and if you enable the setting for it in your blog, they can even comment without registering.
People could also "subscribe" to your blog, which will send them an email every time you post a blog entry (with a direct link to it), or allow them to add a feed of your blog to their feed reader.

As for the search: we're sadly very aware of how broken that is at the moment. A replacement system is nearly finished, which will improve search a lot - but it's not quite here yet at the moment, and so yeah, that makes for a bit of a frustrating experience at the moment.

I hope this helps clarify things