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1. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 2007 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I'm hoping to go to the UK again soon and was wondering how difficult (translation: expensive) is it to get tickets to English Premier League games ("fixtures"). Naturally, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal would be toughest, but I would even be happy to go see an Everton or Liverpool or Tottenham or Fulham game. (But at this point, I'm not looking to go see the bottom-dwellers play each other)==> meaning Portsmouth, Burnley, or Hull.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated? I've been to the UK about 5 times in the past three years, but could never get tickets at either a convenient time or halfway reasonable price previously;-probably because I didn't know the ins and outs of how to do this easily. (and also because I spent most of my time touring England, Wales, and Scotland.

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I think it's pretty difficult. has tickets to premiership football sometimes. Checked before and they have tickets on sale for quite a few teams including Aston Villa (v Chelsea), Fulham, Manchester City, West Ham and Man Utd home games before the end of this season. Think you'll probably be looking at anything upwards of £50. I doubt you'll get any ticket for much less than £40 anywhere. I paid £32 for a home ticket for Portsmouth and that was nearly 4 years ago. Check out the website in the run up to your trip.

Good luck.

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I was at a Liverpool game last year that was a sell out against Hull. We had arranged tickets in advance through a friend and paid a premium, but there were 3 or 4 in our group that just showed up at the stadium and got them off scalpers for either the listed rate, or 5-10 pounds more. Of course you have to wait to the very beginning of the game to get them for this kind of price, and I doubt you'd be as lucky against a bigger team than Hull where demand would be higher. One of the guys was also just plain lucky with a guy selling him a ticket because his mate that he had season tickets with couldn't make it that day. So he wasn't looking to scalp the ticket as much as have someone sit next to him and his mate not lose money on it.

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I've got no idea how to help you get tickets but Im jealous that you can go.. if youve any room in your suitcase...

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OK - of course you're aware that the footie season is finished till late summer, in a couple of weeks - aren't you?
The best way of getting tickets without queuing for hours at the windows - days in advance, is to get yourself to a pub in the town of the match and ask any supporter. They'll be there in the week on a darts or pool night. Most of the regulars will match goers. Also check out, over the last few months, who's had under full capacity crowds. That way, you'll be sure of getting in no problem.
Manchester United are very difficult team to get a ticket for. Even a mid-week match usually has a capacity crowd. However, again - get yourself over to Salford ask around.

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Depending on what team you want to go to watch, go on the club website and join as a member,
you may pay about £15.00 pluscost of ticket but it will get you priority tickets its pritty easy to get the good games aswell. ps i suggest watching chelsea very good footballing team haha

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Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. They are much appreciated.

And, yes, I know the season runs from mid-August through the first week in May.

(Stig--I usually pack light, so sorry I can't fit you in the suitcase--but I'll post a report on here if I go, so you can at least vicariously enjoy the experience.)

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You can try a site called Viagogo which sometimes has tickets and should be sold near to face value.

If you think you are to be in Manchester over the time send me a private message, i may be able to get tickets for either United or City depending on the game and if United can still win the league (pretty much face value)

I know loads of season ticket holders for United and City (i am a United season ticket holder)


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