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1. Posted by applegirl (Full Member 144 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Anyone here been to Cappadocia? (In Turkey)
Recently read about this place which seem very interesting (and a bit weird!). Would be interested to hear from people who've been there, how did you like the place, what did you do etc.


2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Well, there is definitely one member who's been since he won the trip we gave away on Travellerspoint earlier this year to Cappadocia! Aparently it is really spectacular and there are these traditional stone hotels you can stay in... very spectacular.

Here's a bit of text on the region that we had on our prize trip page back when we were giving away this trip:

"The ancient region of Cappadocia lies in central Anatolia, between the cities of Nevsehir, Kayseri and Nigde. Three million years ago, violent eruptions of the volcanoes Mt. Erciyes (3891m) and Mt. Hasan (3250m) covered the surrounding plateau with tuff. Wind and weather have eroded the soft volcanic rock into hundreds of strangely shaped pillars, cones and "fairy chimneys", often very tall, and in every shade from pink through yellow to russet browns.

Christianity, coming from Palestine, spread in the south of Anatolia, then in Cappadoce. The first Christians emigrated to the cities and villages. They started digging the first churches and settled in dwellings made in the rocks. The early Christians made countless cave churches, chapels and monasteries creating over 600 churches scattered through the valleys. Also in this region are a number of underground cities which were used by the Christians as places to retreat to and live in until danger from their enemies had passed. These cities were well-hidden and safe and the houses included rooms for grain storage, stables, sleeping chambers, kitchens and air shafts. Today they are well-lit and fascinating to explore.

Besides historical and cultural features, Cappadocia has lots of activities for its visitors like hiking, trekking in the valleys, horseback riding, mountaneering, camping and of course hot air ballooning.

A hot-air balloon flight is unique from all other experiences of flight as there is no sensation of motion. Travelling at heights of up to 1500 feet, the feeling is one of peace and tranquility. Man's fascination with flight launched many dramatic adventures in the early days, some ending in disaster as gravity won over ingenuity. Leonardo had some great ideas but it wasn't until 1783 that the Montgolfier brothers balloon recorded the first successful hot-air balloon flight over Paris. A sheep, a duck and a rooster become the first passengers in a hot air balloon.

The deep canyons and lush fertile valleys of Cappadocia provide balloons with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable flight; gentle winds carry balloons and their passengers over places that could never be reached except by balloon, making it a truly wondrous experience! In the right season fruit can even be picked straight off the trees out of the balloon."

3. Posted by applegirl (Full Member 144 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Excellent stuff Sam!
Would be interesting to hear from the guy who went there too... :)

4. Posted by hielmann (Full Member 31 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Cappadoccia is a wonderfu! The MUST GO place when you visit Turkey!

5. Posted by Peter (Admin 6631 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Quoting applegirl

Excellent stuff Sam!
Would be interesting to hear from the guy who went there too... :)

Well, he's one of the Travel Helpers for Turkey now -- Maybe you can ask him :)

6. Posted by tjk (Budding Member 17 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I will be there in May/June and I will post a full trip report when I return.

7. Posted by eel (Budding Member 16 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I was there in Cappadocia for 3 days in 2004. A must place (besides Istanbul) for anyone travelling to Turkey. I stayed in this town called Göreme. Capadocia is a whole region of this strange landscape and in certain spots you could see colorful chimneys that look even more beautiful during sunset time. From Göreme we took a little group tour (6 ppl) that took us around a few such chimneys and a pottery town and a trade post along the fabled silk-route. Plus, there are some short hikes one could take in the town of Göreme that will lead to such chimneys. There are many hostels that give you a chance to sleep inside these chimneys. And it was very cheap also. People were very friendly. I would say extremely friendly. I was initially skeptical because in most of my prior experience, if someone was cloyingly friendly to me then they had a hiddne agenda. But in Turkey, the hospitality was amazingly great and genuine.

To get to Göreme, take the midnight bus from Ankara. It was a safe, comfortable journey. We reached Göreme at around 5am. The tourist office was open and they guided us to an available hostel/hotel.

8. Posted by applegirl (Full Member 144 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Cheers for that. Sounds like we def have to go to Cappadocia - hopefully sometime this year.
Which time of the year would be best to go?

9. Posted by jza80 (Full Member 54 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I just came back from "Cappadokya" <-- that's how they spell it in Turkiye. :)

Amazing place. I spent 4 days there. Try not to go in the winter because it's rather cold there. Kind of obvious. :)

If you stay in a town called Avanos, make sure you get off the beaten tracks and meet the kids there, they're really adorable and friendly.

Food to try when you're there is definitely the lamb in the claypot. Food can be expensive in Goreme.

If you have time, hire a guide to take you out trekking into the desert and caves. I forgot what the area was called but at the end of the trek, I was taken to a pottery factory. (You're not OBLIGATED TO BUY!)

Cappadokya is not weird at all! It's a MUST GO PLACE for anyone that's interested in traveling.

Try and stay at a Cave hotel if you have a chance to, it's warm and cozy!

10. Posted by adrianne (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Not go in winter? Uhm, that was just the thing I wanted to recommend :-) I was there in winter, when the sun was shining on the bright snow and the walks were so quiet...just perfect. For me it was the best time to go. I felt it would be too touristy for me in summer...but now the magic was just for me!