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Im outta here. i'd like to move to Belize, i'd like to drive a small rv, and tow my car. is this the best way to do this move?

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No, Visit Belize first, research law on residency and impotingvehicles, go to both Police and Immigration offices in Belize City, find out where you want to live. Find out what documents you require for residency. Belize far more expensive than Mexico, Guatemala

Make friends and contacts while in Belize and remember you must pay stiff import taxes on your vehicles. Driving through Mexico these days alone, no Spanish, iffy at best. Get f2f advice from those who have relocated to Belize down there, not on line, may be cheaper to purchase a vehicle there. Never know till you go.....

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I too plan to retiree in mexico first or belize as far as panama. if still going email me. Orly1

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If you plan to 'retire' in Mexico, Belize, Panama or any other Central American country you should Google up the the 'Ex Pat' websites and forums, as well Google up the sites and bloqs put up by those who have recently driven through Mexico and Central America, remember if you bring a vehicle and household goods with you they will have to registered and you get hit with a hefty import tax if you decide to stay in the country you wish to relocate in, as well getting legal residency in any of the Central American countries or Mexico is a lengthy process, what if you find you do not like country A or B for one reason or another? 60% of US citizens who relocate in Costa Rica leave within a year for one reason or another, fly or bus down at first and check it out first in person.