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Hi there im flying into Darwin at the start of May for the next stage of my round the world trip. I plan to stay in oz for about 7 months and once I fly into Darwin I have no clue what to do. I have my working visa and I would like to work straight away and then do my travelling after that. I plan on travelling down the east coast and into Sydney and maybe west coast if I have enough money.

As I would like to work straight away does anyone know if there are many jobs in Darwin or around there, I have been on job websites but there not much help.

Bascially if anyone could provide info on any of the following it would be a great help-

1) Is there much work in Darwin/surrounding area
2) How much is there to do in Darwin (im going to do litchfield national park etc) what would be a good time frame to spend in darwin?
3) Any good hostels to stay in Darwin
4) Any good tours that take you from Darwin down to ayers rock/alice springs for 2-3nights e.g maybe camping under the stars

If there are no jobs in Darwin I am going to fly to Carins. Thanks for any help you can give

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I can help with questions 2 and 3: I stayed at Frogshollow hostel in Darwin and would recommend it. They can help arrange tours to Litchfield and Kakadu national parks and I think to other parts of Australia too. There isn't much to do in Darwin itself so I would just leave yourself a few days to cover the 2 national parks, as mentioned above.

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Hi, there's lots of work around DArwin so you should be able to find bar / cafe work very easily. It gets busier and harder in the next few months as more people come up for the dry season but you should be fine. There's not much on the internet, you're better off just printing your resume and handing them out when you arrive. Grunt Recruitment is a good company for backpackers if you wanted to try them online :)

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Hi tmmpl1, if you're on a WHV and plan on staying here for seven months, that may not be enough time to see both the east and the west coast. Employers would prefer someone who's going to be around longer than a week or two.

1. When I was in Darwin, there were many on a WHV - try some of the larger souvenir shops. If you wish to work in a pub, you will need an RSA certificate (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) - this applies to any job to do with alcohol, even working in liquour Safeway and Coles. An RSA course can also be done online.

2. Most people don't go to Darwin to visit Darwin - they base themselves there and visit hte surrounding areas. Time frame depends - if you get a job or not. If not job than around 12 days.

3. I stayed at Melaleuca On Mitchell and would recommend it. Very good hostel, extremely clean, great staff and a fun atmosphere. Reception is open 24 hrs, there's a female only floor (3rd floor) lifts, internet etc. The girls at reception will arrange tours, shuttles and bookings for you. It's opposite Coles supermarket which is open 24 hrs. Great location and they hand out food vouchers for cheap meals.

4. Australis and Adventure Tours both have three day tours which might be what you're looking for.
Alternatively you could go by Greyhound Bus or travel on the Train The Ghan travels Darwin>Alice Springs>Adelaide twice a week, but if it was me, I'd either choose the tour or the bus.

Peak season in Darwin and Cairns is June/July/August. Darwin will be warmer than Cairns. I can recommend Goanna Eco Tours for Litchfield - their's is fun and they include the JUmping Croc cruise on the Adelaide Queen and do Buley's Rockhole in reverse so you're not there with hoardes of other tourist buses.

So - Litchfield, Kakadu, Tiwi Islands and Arnhem Land. Arnhem Land is Aboriginal land and you need a permit to go there. Most people do a tour.