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Hey all...

It's crunch time and the WHV visa has to be applied for and the flights booked...unfortunately we are still undecided between Australia & New Zealand... We are hearing so many things and research is not swaying either direction... both sound fab!!

We are hoping that you may be able to help? Maybe some people have been to both countries and favoured some things over others?Or maybe some people have been to one of these places and would highly recommend it and have great reasons.. We'd love to hear your opinions, advice or reasons for preferring either one? Or even just thoughts in general.

Anything at all is greatly appreciated...

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Hi there,

If you don't have much time, definetely New Zealand. Try to do both!


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Personally, I found the Aussies to be much more outgoing than the Kiwis. I did think that NZ was quite a bit more beautiful than Oz. You are quite correct in that both places are very nice. I did like the South Pacific or Polynesian influence in NZ that is missing in Oz.

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Quoting Daawgon

I did like the South Pacific or Polynesian influence in NZ that is missing in Oz.

Well, actually it isn't missing from Australia at all for the simple reason that the Polynesian peoples didn't settle in Australia hundreds of years ago. Your statement is a little like saying, "I did like the French influence in Canada that is missing in America." Australia and NZ are two different countries as are Canada and America.

Anyway, to (help) answer the OP's question - no-one can tell you which country to choose to grace with your presence, only you can decide that. New Zealand is colder than Australia, Australia is in two different climate zones - temperate and tropical.

It depends to on where your interests lie. What do you like? What are you looking for? Scenic? Adrenaline activities? Maori culture? Beaches? Swimming, snorkelling? Yes the South Island is very beautiful - the west coast is very scenic. Should you decide on NZ, make sure you travel down the west coast, not up the coast.

Queenstown is called the adrenaline capital of NZ - lots of stuff to do there, but they are also very expensive. The glaciers of course - Franz Josef and Fox are awesome. If you're after Maori culture then the North Island - Rotorua is the main place and Waitangi in the BOI. Also around Rotorua and Taupo for geothermal activities.

With Australia - there's the GBR which is spectacularly awesome, the Daintree and Cape Tribulation, beautiful unspoilt beaches, the Whitsundays. Try your hand at jungle surfing (you swing among the treetops in the Daintree rainforest). Ayers Rock that huge red thing in the centre - the Outback for a completely different experience.

If you want to know about Melbourne, just ask - it's my city. Both countries have their own appeal. As you're planning on getting a WHV, I think the job prospects are better in Australia than NZ and it would be easier to find work here.
Good luck. Let us know what you decide.