How much for Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador ???

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I am looking at backpacking Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador for 6-7 weeks. I have been to SEA and Central america. And was wondering how the costs compare. I was rocking out at about $1000-1200/month canadian, in SEA and Central. Just wondering is it is the same through northern SA. I am into the surfing and chillin. Any suggestions would be wicked. Any help would be great.

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In Colombia that's barely enough- $50/day would be much easier-SA isn't nearly as cheap as SE Asia.

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Is Colombia really that expensive? we're heading there soon

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No. Colombia is not that expensive...Just more expensive than CA or SEA. a beer costs about eighty cents in a local joint. A filling meal costs about two a local joint.

But there are lots of high buck joints where you can blow alot of dough. Nightclubs cost a bundle. Remember, this was a place with a lot of seedy folks with a lot of liquid cash.

Eat and drink and be merry at the local joints.


A side note: Can someone please put a sticky up on how to spell Colombia.

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Colombia/ Only canadians make this mistake.

As for Venezuela, its not cheap. Caracas is expensive but noone stays there. Except for the teleferico, theres nothing to do in Caracas. Most backbackers go to Merida and Margarita Island. Margarita Island is relatively cheap. Duty free island too. Great beaches, but not sure of how good the surfing is there. Wind surfing is big there. Also, take advantage of the black market for US Dollars. Change some at the airport, then ask the hostel for better options. Keep in mind that tours, hotels (and most hostels), and in country flying, they ONLY accept Dollars, not bolivars. This is NO joke But you can use your higher rate of exchange for food, scooter rentals, gas ( which is so cheap) nik-naks and such. I stayed in Juan Griego, a quiet fishing village with a few hostels.

One other thing. Taxis are dangerous in Caracas, buses fair no better. Have the hostel call for one. On the island, 40kms = 20 dollars and in general are safe and the buses is good at night ( when cooler ).

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