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Hello Everybody,

I am from Turkey and planning to start a RTW trip in Nov 2010 with my wife. Our journey will start from London to South America to Central and North America to Pasific and OZ&NZ and then to Asia and finally Africa. We are doing this for the first and only time.
As it is almost nobody from Turkey do this kind of trip, we cannot find any information about flights and anything else relevant. If anyone can help in any of the following subjects, we would be really appreciated:

- Only travel agent we had a flight quotation is round the world and as we will travel all continents with 16 stops they prices 3600 sterlings. Do you know any other places that can help to reduce the price? Or are there any other ways to reduce the number of stops and self expense some domestic cheap flights in different continents?

- South America is one of the least known continent to us. Our flight arrives to Rio de Janerio and we allowed 2-3 domestic flights within. We plan to spend 4-6 weeks there. Do you have any suggested route? And any other relevant information about the continent.

- Asia also somewhere we don't know much about. We plan to arrive from Australia to Singapour and from Singapour to Beijing we plan to go through surface. Any suggestions on the economic ways to transport and also places to see? We plan 1 month for this side of the trip. Any dangerous places to avoid?

I live in Istanbul and have extense knowledge of the city and the rest of Turkey. If anyone planning to stop in this part of the world, I can help. Please let me know.

Thanks and Regards


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Hi my name is Ruth, and I am from the UK. I am currently on a round the world trip, with my husband Paul. We started in February 2010 and plan on travelling till December.

We booked our ticket through -snip-, which is a UK company, but you would be able to book through them, your first flight would have to be from the UK. Our ticket cost £1700 each. We have included most of the places you have, except North America and Africa. We were told Africa would add a lot more to our ticket. I would suggest reducing your number of flights within a continent and booking them when you get there. For example in Asia you can get cheap flights with AirAsia and long distance trains in Asia are very good. We just got a flight into Singapore and are working our own way up to china, where we have a flight to Japan.

We are keeping a travel blog, -snip- which you may find useful. If you have any other questions just get in touch, i hope you and your wife have a fantastic trip:)


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Hello Ruth,
Thank you verymuch for the information. I have checked your website and it will certainly help me lots. Also sent a request to travel nation for a quote. I am sorry to hear about your Cambodia and passport adventure. I hope the rest goes much better.
Kind Regards