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Quoting Nisha J

Also, for me, travel means learning, enjoying, soaking in local culture. It definitely does NOT mean seeing places combined with your business trips.

@Arif: I never said this was my first solo trip. I had just raised the query now. In fact the reason for replying so late to this thread is that I was doing a solo trip again and had fallen sick as well.

Thanks once again.

I am happy to know that you are a real traveller who tends to soak in the local culture rather than a tourist who just tends to visit the sights and places.

As i said in my earlier post I am proud of u :) Do take care of ur health when travelling for a longer stretch. hope ur feeling better now


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I was born and brought-up in India. Inspite of being from a semi-conservative family, the travel bug bit me long back. I was able to express my wishes to travel and also was able to travel to some places(mostly in groups or with friends) mainly because I was raised in Mumbai. My family had been supportive.

I had planned a 10 day trip to Thailand with a female buddy. I heard a lot of negative and positive things about Thailand and the moment I said "Thailand" my folks freaked out. It is not a safe place for girls and after a lot of convincing that I am travelling with a female buddy and we will be fine, we will also take group tours etc etc. my parents feel I am disrepecting them and I don't value them if I decide to go for it. I love them a lot and they mean the world to me but I want to travel. I am 26 and my folks want me to get married and go travelling with my husband again, depending on whatever travelling means to him. I am sure I will choose someone who loves to travel but that doesn't mean I have to wait to get married and get a male partner to travel around.

I want to go around exploring as many places as I can. But breaking rules sometimes means leaving my peace of mind at home at times.

But at the end of the day, Indian girls mainly from conservative families like mine really have to make a tough choice when you have a very loving and caring family and you are seen as breaking rules. It is just that they need to understand there are good and bad things to every place and we girls do love to travel and don't necessarily need a male to protect us like a bodyguard always. We just need to be cautious and responsible while travelling. I am lucky because I still get to travel to an extent but there might be Indian girls who don't even speak up about travelling for fear of being ridiculed.

I must say, I have found very few Indian female solo travellers expressing their opinion online. I want to thank you for starting this thread. After reading your experience, I feel I can go ahead and explore the world whatever way I can and my family will understand my love for travelling someday. This thread is very encouraging. Girls let's step out :)