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Hey everyone,

I am wanting to go backpacking my way around China for a month later this year, starting in Beijing (thinking of getting a flight there from Hong Kong) and then making my way down via Xian, Shanghai etc to the southern part of China towards Hong Kong again. The question is, after looking at forums etc. I think I may need to book a flight into and out of China to qualify for a visa, also have the first night's accommodation booked as well as the last night. Also, some people are recommending that I must book a tour via an agency as when it come to my visa interview, they'll want to know where I am the whole time I'm in China.

Can someone please tell me if the above is all correct? would you recommend that I must book the flights beforehand and also the whole itinery before I apply for the visa in the uk? bit confused about it :S Thanks!

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Hey there,
You will definitely need to have an onward flight booked before they allow you in.

As far as places to stay, and having an itinerary: 1. it's very easy took book somewhere with minimal or no deposit, you can book somewhere even if you don't plan to stay there. 2. Make up an itinerary, again, it doesn't matter if you stick to it, they just want to see you have it.

Hope this was helpful.

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Hey skateaddic,

Thanks for your help :)

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Hi, I travelled suth through China from Beijing to Hong Kong via Xi'an Guillin and Yung Shue. You will need an exit flight booked and they will want to know where you will be going and when. I found that most decent hostels will borrow your passport for a short time and take it to the local authorities for them to do what ever they do. I guess they just like to keep tabs on you. I always got my passport back and it never proved to be an issue, even when we altered our plans.
The biggest problem is the language barrier, unless you speak Chinese expect to hit problems when arranging overnight trains, buses etc. That said the people are very friendly and most are willing to help as much as they can even if they don't understand a word you're saying. Its a great country and one of my highlights of a RTW trip. Enjoy !!