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two passports

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1. Posted by ScarlettDB (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey there, I was wondering if someone could clear this up for me, well my aunt.

So my aunt has two passports an Indian passport and a British pasport, the only place she ever travels is India, so when she goes India she uses her Indian passport.

Recently she heard this is not allowed and now is very worried. So what should she do?

I was unable to get any helpful information of any of the .gov websites.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


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3. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Afaik, your aunt's strategy to enter India using her Indian passport is both allowed and sensible. The only thing she should think of it always to enter and exit using the same passport. "changing nationalities" in between is illegal in most countries.

4. Posted by Sophia_uk (Full Member 48 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

There is no problem with this whatsoever! The only thing that you shouldn't do is to enter the country with one passport and leave with the other especially if there are visas involved. But, your grandma doesnt have to have a visa in her Indian passport so there is no problem. Although, i would still make sure to use the same one as they keep hold of passport numbers etc.

Hoppe this helps :)

5. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

What kind of passports does your grandma hold? The at would be important to know.

British and Indian citizenship rules are complicated. Both countries have rules that restrict people from having two citizenships at the same time.

This is the reason why your grandma might not be allowed to use her Indian passport.

Aside from that it is usually no problem to hold two passports and enter each country with the country's passport.