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Hi All,

I went to south america for 7 weeks a couple of years ago and im desparate to go back.

I really want to cover as much of argentina and chile as possible in 4 weeks(as thats all i can get off work!!) Do u think this is resonable?

Also i did an organised trip last time but found it a little restrictive but comforting to have support of spanish speaking guide and group of ppl. What do u think, should i brave it by myself or as i want to see as much as possible in a short time is a tour a better idea?

Thanks in advance for your replies, always find this site helpful for my travel dilemas.


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Hi Danielle,

I think 4 weeks is a reasonably good time for Chile/ Argentina. Sure, there's always more to see, but the buses around there are pretty reliable and comfy, so you can cover a decent stretch overnight or so to save time. You mentioned you've been to South America before- did you visit Chile/Argentina then? What are your priorities? If you want to do hiking in Chile, for example, you need to book a whole week or so for it. Also if you want to see both Izuagu Falls and Ushaia, for example, it might be worth looking at internal flights too.

If you let me know what you've already covered, I'm sure we can come up with an itinerary :)

3. Posted by danielle21 (Budding Member 64 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,

Thanks for the prompt reply. In my previous trip I went from Lima to Rio over land and didn’t touch Chile/Argentina.
On my list currently of what I would like to see/do would be Buenos Aires/ somewhere to stay on a range and go horseriding etc,/Mendoza for the wine/scenery and maybe salta and bariloche? Do you think this sounds ok what do you recommend?
I have fallen in love with a picture I have seen of the Torres del plaine I have seen in this months lonely plant magazine and would love to get there if possible. Apart from that I am not sure what chile has too offer, any guidance and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
How much do you think I would need for a 4 week trip, im quite happy with budget accommodation.

Thank you.

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