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1. Posted by hippiechic (Budding Member 43 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

hi does anyone know good places to get info about traveling to India? i have dreamed for a long time of doing so, but know little to nothing about it. could i find work in India, or a Middle Eastern country? i heard about a girl who lived with a Bedouin tribe for a year or so, something that would be a dream come true for me. is something like that possible or just pipedreaming? also, i am a white female, and i have a sanskrit word tatooed on my back...will those things create problems? i had a "non-practicing" hindu (whatever that means) berate me once for the sacrilige i was committing...he was kind of a jerk to begin with though.
anyways, all input is welcome!

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......greetings... hips...
well i m from india ..i run my own travel mumbai india... if there is anything that u wish to ask me ..i would only be to glad to help..what sort of education do u have in case i can slot u for a job here in india...that is if u r looking for one,..
the tatooo...nothing much to it ...depends on the location on ur body ..and if it is offensive..then again what in sanskrit have u had inscribed .

3. Posted by hippiechic (Budding Member 43 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

hi! how exciting to have a reply from you!!!!
sorry, i get excited over simple things :)
education...i graduated from a two-year program called the Holistic Health Practitioner Program, here in Canada. I am a Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner...i had a pretty alternative upbringing, and so am open-minded to other cultures (i like to think so anyhow)...i like the outdoors...ummmmmm not really sure what else to say...i love to travel. a job in india would be a dream chance! so slot me for a job any time!!! like i said though, i have no idea about india, and i have heard people say you need to prepare for it.

as for my tatoo, it is where my neck joins my back, about C7, it is of 'aum', which to me is a very sacred symbol, which is the reason i got the is small enough that it is usually covered by my shirts...anyways, what do you think?
what kinds of jobs would it be possible for me to get in india? i answer specific q's about myself much better than just having to blab on...i find it hard to think of things to say....if you would like, email me

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I bought a couple of "Om" T-shirts in Goa

Whenever I wore them in India or Nepal. I'd usually get a lot smiles from local folk.

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what is Goa like? i have been enamoured with the name...i used to work with street youth, and this guy (kid?...he was about my age) told me about this type of trance music called Goa trance, and i think i heard some, and i really liked it (if it's what i am thinking of...) and ever since then, then city of Goa has been synonimous wit hmy like of that music, so i just really want to go there...funny huh?
anyways, what's Goa like?

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Hi Hippiechic!

Well, I'm also going to India (in Feb) and I found out a website like Travellerspoint, but only for India, called Everyone who asks me where to find information I give this site. There are people there who can answer all kinds of questions about India....

Try that!


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hey there,

Well Goa is definitely a great place to be. And people there wouldnt worry too much about your tattoo. I have lived in India most my life and most of the people (I guess) wouldnt give much thought to the tattoo. but there may be some people who can get overly excited about it.

Also some other places you may wanna checkout,

- The Northern Mountains: Try Nainitaal, Almorah, Delhousie(spellcheck?), Darjiling etc
- Northern Cities: Agra, Delhi

- West and Central attractions: Rajasthan (Checkout Jaipur, Udaypur), Khajuraho, National Parks (Ranthambhor, Kanha, Bandhavgarh)

- Southern Coast : Kerala

These are only a few of em , there a million more places to go in India.

About the job part,I am not too sure, if its that easy. It might take some paperwork and time. I'd suggest talking some Institutions which regularly employ people from other countries.

For example,
Charities, volutary organizations etc. like red cross, unicef, some hospitals.
Research Institutes, if there is one in your field.

Try and talk to your and Indian embassy before taking up a job. And I wouldnt reccomend you taking up an unofficial (cash) job , unless you are willing to take risks

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Hey Hippiechic

Are you still flirting with the idea of going to India?


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Try Yoga..mantra or Tantra while in India as u know Holistic well..or do nothing just smile around,

wish u miles of smiles from
rangers adventure.