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I'm planning on relocating to Oregon (I currently live in Maine) in the begining of June and am wondering if anyone has moved their possessions with them? I'm just curious because it seems everyone I know has sold all their things before making a large move, but I'm curious if anyone has gone through a moving company or done the U-Haul thing or anything like that? I could really go either way I guess. Also, anyone from the Portland, Oregon area that could tell me a bit more than what I already know from outside research? I'd like to fly out before I moved, but that might not be possible.


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I've moved from southern California to Utah to Maryland and back to northern California all within 10 years or so. My last move my wife and I took 14,000 pounds of stuff.

I guess my advice would be to start now (or at least six months early) and start throwing out the stuff you really don't need. Get critical. Also, don't be buying any new furniture or computers or anything big right now. Wait until you've moved--then buy. There are two reasons--one, you don't have to pay to move it; and two, you can buy what fits the new house better after you've moved.

Also, considering selling (even at a bargain) stuff that might be expensive to move (meaning heavy stuff). Giving stuff away also works--first to friends--then to Goodwill or some other charity (if you do this now, you can deduct it on your taxes this year). When you know for sure that you are going to move, start wrapping up the stuff now--even if you aren't going to move for months. You'd be amazed how long it takes to wrap up stuff (we had 79 boxes/cartons of stuff). If you want, you can pay the mover to wrap this stuff up--but that costs extra, of course.

My last comment would be concerning your car and pets. If you had pets--like I did (do) search out pet-friendly hotels from Maine to Oregon, then drive your car (or cars) and take your pets with you. Don't fly your pets if you don't have to.

Let me tell you my horror story--on my first move, I booked my two small dogs to fly from Utah to Maryland months ahead. On the day of the flight, Maryland was hit by the remnants of Hurricane Hugo. The plane bounced around like a toy on a string and my dogs had seizure attacks that resulted in me paying big bucks to the vet--and my dogs almost dying from the experience.

Anyway, good luck to you.

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Oh, I forgot to mention (although this is just common sense), don't have the movers move very valuable stuff or jewelry. Take this in the car with you. If you have pets, put them in carriers so they don't wander around the car and destroy this stuff--or distract you where you end up running into someone.


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I did the big U-haul move last year, but alas I have 4 children-translate that into 5 bedrooms worth of furniture, kitchen, dining and living room! I had to get the largest truck they had, and it still wasn't big enough. It was 3,500 for the truck (the milage and lenght of move which was 6 days) over 1000 in gas...Those are the main things..if I were to ever do it again....I would get rid of EVERYTHING! I can't remember much else as I have tried to block it from my memory;) Good luck to you! The west coast is beautiful, especially the northern part!

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we did Sydney - Melbourne, Melbourne - Boston, Boston - Dallas all with a moving company..and took all our stuff with us. When we moved to the US from Aus we sold all the *electricals* and other odds and ends but everything else came with us. We also had them pack everything for us..but I did some of the more valuable stuff myself. We had all the important stuff listed and insured..right down to granny's gold wedding band... we were pretty lucky and didn't lose much and had only a couple of breakages...which were easily repaired and paid for by the insurance co. The lost stuff was usually found wrapped up and thrown away... cos I thought it was just extra packing... ie the blessed remote control....

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