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Our Visa for Vietnam beggins on the 1st June. We have no time limit for South east Asia but obviously do have a budget to stick to. We are doing: Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos,possibly into Chang Mai and fly to south Thailand (depending on situation in Bangkok),Malasia and Indonesia.

We are hoping to stick to the normal budget of 25-35 usd a day each. I am going to get all visas at the border crossings/Thai airport. Would it be feesable to spend 1 month in each country mentioned or will we just be wasting money once the attractions have been done? We have a year in OZ to work after Indonesia aswell.

Would it be worth cutting our losses and heading to Phillapines and missing out Thailand?

Thanks in advance!

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VN will take a month, Thailand as well, but I don't see spending 1 month in Cambodia. Siem Reap/Angkor will take 4-5 days, Phnom Penh 2-4 days, some beach time in Sihanoukville 3-4 days, perhaps 3-4 days taking a look at Kampot/Kep. Unless you are fanatic about Khmer ruins, 2 weeks should do it. Move on to Laos or Thailand. I will let those who love Laos chime in on how much time to spend there. Good luck with your planning.

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Thanks for your help.;) I think we will start at south Cambodia and travel north to Laos border doing the main attractions on the way.

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i agree with all the last post....you would need the full month to explore vietnam and prob only 2/3 weeks for cambodia. lao would also take a month, but if you have no time limit i would take the full month in each country.... they are all very cheap and there are plenty of places you will fall in love with and want to spend a bit longer in ( for me these were hoi an - vietnam and luang prabanh - lao). if budget is an issue bear in mind that lao is dearer than vietnam espcially for transport

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Yea I think I will just stick to the original plan of a month in each. Thanks guys! Does anybody know if the border crossing between Cambodia to Laos is still "unofficial",or is it still worth just rockin up and hoping for the best!?

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I would say go to the Philippines. Thailand is too easy and everyone goes there. No-one goes to the Philippines so it is more like Thailand was before everyone found out about it. Thailand = great food and lots of busy beaches but Philippines has amazing beaches that are deserted but it doesn't have the food of Thailand. If you want the safety of knowing there are other tourists and english speakers then Thailand is great but if you want a bit more of an adventure then the Philippines is best. Both countries are amazing.

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If you are planning on going to Indonesia you will need 60 days to get a good feel of the place. You can apply for a 60 day visa in Penang, Bangkok or Singapore. You can try in Kuala Lumpur but they were being very difficult earlier this year and only issuing 30 day visa.
You can extend a 30 day visa in Indonesia but it is not worth the hassle- much better to get a 60 day visa and then extend that one by 30 days at a time up to 4 times.

If you would like info on Indonesia send me a message with your email and some ideas of where you want to go and I can send you some maps and other information.


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Why does it need to be planned this way at all. I say go with the flow, come and go as you wish. I'll never forget buying tickets for the S. Pacific where I was forced to stay in American Samoa for an entire week - an entire week of torture and boredom!