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Hi All

I am a fun loving 28 year old girly from Lancashire (The North). Just starting looking into planning the trip of a lifetime. None of my friends are able to come with me. I need to do this and will be going, but a friend suggested this website to see if there are any other people looking to do the same. I would go tomorrow, but I understand it is gonna take some time to prepare and plan the trip, so I would say I want to be away from the UK for the winter. Looking to experience new things and see how other popel live their lives and see some cool stuff. There are so many places I want to see, so not got a definative list just yet as I am finding it hard to choose. I want to go to south america (mexico, peru, chilli, Rio) and east/south east asia (Thailand, Oz, and variosu others) and Fiji . So excited. I cant wait!!!

Hope to hear from ya.


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hey leanne, u have def come to the right place, people here are very friendly, always willing to help and answer questions and alot have very similiar ideas and plans.

im off end of sept and travelling asia for a while, thailand, laos, vietnam, cambodia, malaysia with singapore and indonesia, then might head to aus and nz for abit too. i chose asia just because money there stretches alot further than other places i considered. ive met a couple of people already off this site who are looking to do the same kind of trip and will probably join me for some of it. dont worry if you have to go alone either as its so easy to meet people in hostels, its surprising how many actually go alone.

any idea how long your thinking of going away for? seems like alot to plan at 1st but once you get a few distinations decided the route becomes alot easier to plan.

good luck with the planning and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Hi Leanne,

I'm in sort of the same boat. I'm a 27 year old girl from Southend in Essex, and have just made the decision to go round the world. I haven't got much time to play with, probably around 3 1/2 months leaving at the end of January 2011. I'm planning on the following destinations: India - Singapore - OZ - NZ - Fiji - Hawaii - LA and then home. I too can't find anyone to come along, so was recommended to come on here to find travel buddies as I've never done it before and don't really know what to expect! I wonder if any of our dates will match up? It'd be great to find someone to share the experience with, even if it is just a small snippet!

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Hi All
I'm planning that sort of trip too, looks like quite a few people go it alone, i'm planning to start in Jan 2011 and spend some time in australia, NZ coming back US way and seeing more places on the way. It would be good to know i could meet up with people along the way, anyone thinking of the same route or known anyone else that might be then let me know. :)

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to take off to.. from Dubai to Thailand maybe.. never travelled before alone!!! would love the help and company in planning this!!!!!! and would love it if people could join me in Dubai!!

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Hi Guys,

I am a 27 year old female from Australia and I was kind of in the same boat as most of you. I have wanted to travel for a while and I decided this year was the year, but I did not know of anyone interested in travelling. So I have been travelling alone for over two months now and I am loving it! While it might seem like a big thing to be doing it alone, I actually don't think I would travel any other way in the future. You meet people in pretty much every backpackers hostel you go to. I have travelled for a little while with a few people I have met who are headed in the same direction, then we have gone our own way. I have been able to do exactly what I want, when I want and for as long as I want. The best thing for me is meeting up with people you have met again in a new country. Interesting when this happens without warning!
I think if I had been travelling with someone I would not have met half the people I have. I probably would not even be in this cool little farm stay backpackers in country Italy as coming here was a last minute decision for me.
While I think it is a great idea to meet up with people from this site, don't worry, if you are staying in dorms you wont be alone for a second! In some situations I have had people in my new dorm ask me if I am coming out for the evening before I have even had time to put my stuff down.
In saying that, if you are in North America from July - the end of August or South America from September till the end of December, feel free to meet up with me. :)

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Quoting becksl19

In saying that, if you are in North America from July - the end of August or South America from September till the end of December, feel free to meet up with me. :)

Hey Becks, we're in Canada for a few months. Are you making it up here? We're also heading to South America towards the end of the year. Then to India in Feb.

If you're in Canada, would be great to meet up.

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Im thinking of doing a very similar thing. Im a 28 year old lad working in Hertfordshire and have just asked for a years sabbatical.

Going on my own at the moment and have a rough plan of spending 7-8 months backpacking through South/Central America and the rest of the time in SE Asia but im always open to suggestions.

Think i'll be going a bit later than you though....aiming to start in Rio at the start of March for the Carnival and just going on from there but let me know if you think we'll be in South America at similar times as it would be great to have someone to meet up with.


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Hi All, hope 'm not too late into this. I'm nick from New Zealand and like most of us here, i will be travelling alone to peru (3-4wks)and argentina(1-2wks) between mid december and end of january.And it would be sweet to meet up anyone heading in that direction to do some traveling,adventuring,checking out sweet places, handing out and just having a good time. I dont have much on in terms of planning except to do the inca trail at manchu pichu for 4days, and i'm totally open to other ideas and plans. if anyones' keen let me know


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Hey Guys, I have 4weeks at the very end of Septemebr and plan to head away. I have been to OZ and India on my own in the past 8 months, so any questions let me know.

Anyhow, this time ii would like to meet people and suggest soem ideas where to go. I really owuld go anywhere. So ping me back if you interested!!

thanks all