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Hi there,

I am currently planning my trip to go hiking (& kayaking) in Alaska and possibly also West Canada. I love mountains & glaciers & hiking (several days trekking). So I will have tent, etc with me to be able to go anywhere. I will be travelling alone (I have been hiking alone in mountains many times) and have 4 weeks (arriving 20 June, leaving 17 July).

Reason for putting a thread is:
- would you recommend staying in Alaska or include as well Jasper National Park / Banff National Park ? This would mean I would be flying to Anchorage and fly out of Calgary). I am sure that there is more than enough to do to enjoy 4 weeks Alaska but I have seen some breath taking pictures of these parks which made me consider if it might be interesting to go there as well. Would you recommend this or is this rather 'madness'.
- would you recommend going to the Bush / North West Alaska or is it better to stay in Denali, Kenai, Glacier Bay, Wrangell etc.?
- would you recommend renting a car or is public transport / flights better/easier/way cheaper?
- where would you recommend to go Kayaking? (since this is possible basically everywhere and I intend to go hiking ca 3 wks and would be interested in 1 kayaking trip of several days (where they are willing to hire a kayak to 1 person, or where there would be a great guided trip)

I realise that these are rather general questions which are also very much subject to personal preferences but I am just trying to find out which 'highlights' I should not miss when you are interested in seeing natural beauty (mountains, glaciers, variety of landscapes)

Very much looking forward to avdvise in these matters!! Many thanks!!!


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Sounds like quite a trip<i cant add much to your plans except to suggest the Queen Charlotte Islands area for Kayaking,camping and hiking..http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/northamerica/canada/747274/Queen-Charlotte-Islands-untouched-paradise.html

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For Kayaking, I would choose a town on Alaska'a Inside passage, lots of protection from the ocean, hundreds of miles to kayak, islands to explore, wilderness mountains to explore. Check out the national forests around, I know the Tongass maintains many cabins strategicly placed around the islands. Reservations are first come first served.

You could base yourself out of one of the many Alaskan Island towns: Ketchikan, Sitka (where I'm at), Wrangell, etc. all would be good base towns.

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Thanks so much for your advise.

Meanwhile ticket has been booked 19June to Anchorage - 17 July from Calgary.
Inside Passage looks very nice. Also Queen Charlotte Islands seem great although I am afraid that I will have difficulties in getting this into my schedule as well. However, I will certainly keep it in mind!!

I am currently looking for good mountaineering trips (intermediate). They are really extremely expensive but also very interesting.
The hiking seems to be quite a different story from New Zealand, Patagonia & Europe due to the vastness of the area which will diminuish drastically your possibilities of rescue when hiking alone. So I guess I will do merely the multi day tracks that are there. Any recommendations for trails/tracks?

I have found the following trails. Which ones of these or others would you recommend considering my interest in mountains & glaciers & being alone (with tent & very good boots, have to rent/buy crampons, experienced hiker, beginner in climbing, intermediate in glaciers, beginner in wilderness camping):
Around Fairbanks
- pinnel mountain trail (27 miles)
- have to choose units: which ones? around wonderlake camping? Or I might go on a mountaineering trip in Denali.
Around Anchorage:
- crow pass trail (26miles)
- iditarod trail (26 miles)
- exit glacier (1day)
- resurrection pass trail (39miles)
- dixie pass trail (24 miles)
- sanford dodina plateau (2x 15miles)
- skookum vulcano (1 day)
- goat trail (30 miles)
- bonanza trail (28 miles)
- donoho peak (14miles)
Glacier Bay
- mount edgecumb trail (13.5 miles)
- chilkoot trail (33 miles)
- laughton glacier trail (8 km)
Queen Charlotte
- deer mountain trail (11 km)
- Skyline trail (29 miles)
- assiniboni trail (35.8 miles)
- bow valley trail (40km)

So many possibilities!!!

Many thanks in advance for your advise!