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Hi this is my article, hope you find it interesting. Have questions? Please ask:)

"Night in Bukhara"

The Bukhara city, the city of my childhood, city full of beauty, greatness and mystery. I was born in this city, grew up on these narrow streets, playing games. And the memories about walks through the ancient city became my vivid recollections.
Bukhara is a city-oasis, right in the middle of dessert, what itself is a big miracle and salvage for traveler. The weather is usually very hot here and many citizens during the daytime try to spend their time at home where coolness becomes a great pleasure. When the evening comes, the folk come out for walks and to spread the big "dastarhon" (table cloth) and sit on "tapchan" drinking green tea. It's when the real Uzbek tea drinking starts. All the family, in Uzbekistan it is usually very big, come together and discuss the main themes of the day, usually it is crops and prices on local market, and listen to the stories told by elders. In Uzbek family they are always honored and their advices considered as valuable as gold. Often the people go to sleep early to get up early and do the big half of the work till the heat captures the town. The city slowly falls into sleep and everything calms down with crickets singing and city lamps shining upon the empty streets. That's when I liked to explore the city. When the night comes the city view changes. You lose the track of time. As if you become the witness of oriental tales, waiting to see the flying carpet in the sky full of night stars or the camel caravan passing loaded with embroidered bags. You nearly stop breathing when you see the minaret "Kalyan", the guard standing between two madrassas, covered by moonlight. Slowly sitting down onto the steps, that are still warm, you listen to the song of the wind, telling about the great achievements and works of the past. These moments give the sense of incredible beauty that you will with your heart and make you feel the blessing of ancestors that lived on the sacred land. Looking at the beautiful patterns on the walls of monuments, one starts to understand how big the heritage left to us is and how skillful the craftsmen were. This atmosphere of magic covers you, entering the very part of your soul, and makes you feel the beat of the history. At night all ancient creations start talking with you in the language of heart, granting with eternal love for the great and blessed city. In your dreams you continue the remaining of old Bukhara walls and looking at the only left entrance gate you understand how big the city was circled with the thick wall. You slowly touch the gates and feel the hard wood that was tested by centuries. The old streets you walking along were once crowded by merchants rushing to bazaar, poets and writers eulogizing the beauty of orient, singers singing the songs about legends, wise men hiding the eastern mysteries. Realizing that ancient civilizations grown up by this land, left you the pearls of their creations as a heritage, fills you with the sense of pride and gratitude to homeland, to streets of childhood, to house that was build by your grandparents. You bow to great and holy city, to its noble view and cultural heritage. The dawn will again lighten the city, and again and again it will welcome the seeking travelers wishing to find the key to oriental mystery.

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That is a good article summarizing your feelings well and leaving a challenge at the end..."Oriental Mystery", will you follow it up with more information on that?

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My hobby and my job is traveling. I love traveling that's why i became tour operator, always seeking for new interesting destinations, in my home country and abroad. That can be nature, culture or adventure. Anything, I can pick my bag and just take a trip to Kizilkum desert, stoping in nomadic yurts for overnight.
I love writng articles also. I wish to write about Uzbekistan legends. Working on that now. If you want to know more about Uzbekistan, real Uzbekistan, real people and their lifestyle and culture just post messages with your questions, I will answer for sure:) For example have you ever heard about uzbek tea ceremony, our ancestors drank tea the same way. Tea is served from ceramic pots into small pjala bowls. The precious liquid is poured into the clean pjala of the host and poured back in to the chainik (teapot) -this repeated three-four times. The fourth time, a half filled cup is offered in the guest's own pjala, allowing for the tea to cool down rapidly so as to quench ones thirst immediately. A bowl filled to the brim goes against all standards of hospitality and good form. Tea is served with homemade jam or honey, which substitutes as sweetener.

You can ask why tea is so popular here. Green tea, especially #95 (sort of the tea), is very popular because it kills the thirst, it is usually hot here so water is not a good choice. You know that if you drink more you you want more
There also special places in the city for tea drinking, they are called "choyhona"s, the translation is "room for tea". mainly they are visited by elders.
So tea in Uzbekistan is more popular than water;)
Waiting for your questions

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I will start telling you about Uzbekistan and will start with main Uzbekistan cities and regions :)


Tashkent, capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is one of the largest cities of Central Asia. It is more than 2000 years old. During its ancient history Tashkent has changed it’s name several times: Shah, Jaj, Chachkent, Binkent. Archeological excavations have revealed that present-day Tashkent was the site of an ancient town which existed as a developed commercial and cultural centre of the East. Here Eastern and Western Traditions and customs have merged into a single whole; the unique monuments of Medieval Eastern architecture, the Kukeldash and Barak-Khan Madrassas erected in the 16th century, have been preserved to this day. Tashkent architectural appearance is distinguished by the national local color on one hand and with the fact that modern buildings are in harmony with medieval monuments on the other.


The Mirror of the world, the Garden of Universe, the Pearl of the East, the Jewel of Islam – Samarkand has never lacked breathless admirers. Although being conquered by the troops of Alexander the Great and chengiz Khan, the city has survived and has seen the periods of prosperity and desolation. It has reached its most glory during the reign of Tamerlane who cherished the dream to make his capital the most beautiful city in the world. The fluted domes and sky-blue mosaic of buildings and magnificent minarets built by Tamerlane excite the traveler even today.
The huge tiled dome of Gur-Emir Mausoleum of Timurids can be seen from all parts of the town. The Registan, central square of ancient Samarkand, is surrounded on three sides by magnificent buildings: the Ulugbek, Sherdor and Tillya-Kari Madrassas.
The tombs of the Shohi-Zinda Complex, which was built around the grave of Saint Kussam ibn-Abbas, stretches along the southern slopes of the town.
The medieval architecture of Samarkand impresses the inquisitive traveler with its perfect forms and harmony of colors. The guests of ancient city can have an opportunity to see masterpieces of architecture and visit the world famous Oriental Markets.


“Blessed”, “Holy”, “Heavenly” Bukhara is the only city in Central Asia where the flavor of the East has been preserved intact. It is a town-museum with about 140 architectural monuments dating back to the Middle Ages where culture, science and art have flourished throughout the centuries. The Ismail Samani Mausoleum is a masterpiece of classical Eastern architecture of 9-10th centuries. It was built of light-golden colored bricks faced so skillfully that the ornament design seems to alter several times during the day as the light changes. During the sunset the walls of mausoleum appear like a weightless lace.
The Poi-Kalyan ensemble(12-16th c.) crowns the centre of ancient Bukhara. It is 50 meter-tall minaret, decorated with unique patterns that towers over the city in all its grandeur and splendor. Light-blue domes of Chor-Minor and the Ark Fortress can be seen afar. The ancient monuments preserved in Central Asia from 15th c. to this day are the Ulugbek and Kukeldash Madrassas.
Bukhara is homeland of legendary “humorous wise man” Khodja Nasreddin. It is famous for old grafts, especially for golden embroidery and silk weaving.


Khiva is a city from a fairy-tale. The capital of the Khiva Khanate in the 17th century, it has still retained the exotic flavor of a medieval Oriental town. The old part of the city is Ichan-Kala, where all the monuments of architecture are located. Among them are the Kunya-Ark fortress, the Tash-Khauli Palace, and fortified hill – Akshish-bobo, which is the best place to have a glace over the whole city. Today Khiva is a museum-city. It is hard to enumerate all the historic sites of Khiva. There are palaces decorated with colorful mosaic, the adobe houses, and many medressah, mosques and minarets, such as the tall and beautiful Islam-Khoja minaret.
Khiva has always been famous for its wood-carving. Doors and columns of palaces are covered by very beautiful pattern. While walking along the paved streets of Ichan-kala, it’s hard to believe that modern city hums with life just a few feet away.

Ferghana Valley

Ferghana Valley is surrounded by mountains Tien-Shan to the North and Alay to the South. It is big blossoming oasis with the most fertile soil and moderate climate of Central Asia. That’s why Ferghana valley is called “The Golden Valley”
Ferghana is one of the most ancient centers of civilization. Because of warm climate people started to tolling the land here as far as 5-6 thousand year B.C. Greeks who conquered Central Asia, seeing the green gardens of the oasis, called it “the garden of Eden”.

So, now, if you have questions about the cities ask..., the next topics will be uzbek lifestyle, uzbek wedding, uzbek holidays, uzbek food, and then i will tell you travel tips, how can you plan the trip to Uzbekistan starting form choosing the best itiniraries...:)
Hear you soon.;)
I cannot post pictures here. Visit the for pictures. And please help me in explaining how can I post them on travellers point

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You need to reduce the pictures first before uploading them to your TP Photo Gallery

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The process of creating your own gallery is simple, before you start select the photgraphs you will upload and reduce them to a small size.
After you log in, go to you control panel by clicking on the underlined words control panel in the welcome at the top. When you are in the control panel you click onthe words manage your photo gallery and that takes you to the place where you can upload your phtographs.
Upload them by following the steps there.
We will all wait to see the Uzbekistan pictures.

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;)Hi Everybody. You would like to congratulate you with the coming new 2005 year and wish all the best. Thanks for advices:), I have posted 6 Uzbekistan photos, you can see them now.
By the way how do people in your home country celebrated the new year coming? Very interesting!!! Waiting for answers