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I Have been living in Toronto, Canada for the past 10 years, distant from my family living in Germany. Now I would like to be a bit closer to them, but don't want to be with them in Germany since I really suck at the language. However, the UK is my ultimate choice at the moment, but I don't want to live in the crowded central London. Could anybody, please, help me with some guidelines in choosing a destination with decent job opportunity, great university, and not so high standard of living? I plan making it my home for quite some time, and I'm looking forward to furthering my studies in Science (Biotechnology/Pharmaceutics) while working preferably in the IT field. I plan moving by this September/2010.
Thank you all in advance for your kind assistance.

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I trust you have made all the relevant enquiries about settling in UK
I see you wish to avoid the crowded South East of England and London
You will need to balance your need to study and work against the quality of life you seek
I am English but choose to live near Glasgow
Glasgow is a large city with all the advantages this brings in the way of established universities and job opportunites
It is culturally diverse and has a cosmopolitan feel
Housing opportunities are varied
It has easy access to some of the finest countryside in Europe
There are other cities in Scotland but we in Glasgow all agree Glasgow is best
If England is your choice I would suggest Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham
All have good universities
Manchester has the best football team in the world and also is a commercial centre for the North of England
Rail communication is generally good between large cities and all have airports
The Canadian Government have offices in Edinburgh in addition to there representation in London

Come to Glasgow
A lot of Scots emigrated to Canada
Reverse the trend

East Renfrewshire

30 minutes by train from Central Glasgow

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  1. 2 is so spot on with all that (well almost - please see below).

Firstly, the myth about the south of England being so much drier and warmer than the north - is just that.. A 100% myth.
The North is prettier, has fresher air and water (no argument), the property is priced sensibly, rather than stupidly, jobs are as easy to come by as down south and overall it's a much better pace of life.
I am from London, but moved north some years ago. I still enjoy going down to see my kinfolk, but really look forward to heading north and home again.
So many people think that the north of England is on the other side of the planet. Honestly, from Greater Manchester to London by car takes a little over three hours. By train, it takes barely 2. Just to get from Portsmouth to London takes as long by train or car.
The rail and road network up north sweeps the floor with what the south has. We've more trains going longer distances without a connection - and the motorways outstrip the southern 'A' road jams on a daily basis.
Oh and the beer is better the further north you go too.
The S.E. and London are really OK places, but they've got very little scenery to shout about - it's mostly flat apart from a few hills scattered here and there and the sea is generally dirtier than the beaches on the N.W. coast. Scotland's beaches are amongst the cleanest in Europe.
There is 1 point #3 said that is totally wrong though.... (quote) "Manchester has the best football team in the world." Totally wrong there.

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Beautiful, near london, fab Uni, massive science park.

Done done and done.

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Beautiful, near london, fab Uni, massive science park.

Done done and done.

Except totally flat and no scenery. Nice city though.

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I'm from the south of England, Kent, but I moved to Liverpool and stayed there for 15 years. I loved it there, so much friendlier than the south. Once I moved north I never ever considered going back down south. If you are in to music I would recommend Liverpool, probably the best place in the world for music. I have now moved away but to a different country and continent. Of all the big cities in the UK, Liverpool has to be the friendliest that I have ever been to. It has or at least used to have a bad reputation but it has transformed itself in the last 10 years into a really great place. Anyway, that's my suggestion

Oh I forgot, there are 3 universities there and it is very cheap!

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