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11. Posted by Deb (Full Member 21 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I wouldn't come to Australia without going to New Zealand. Also, see if you can get a working visa for Australia and New Zealand - you're still okay age wise for this and that way you can get a bit more money together if need be.

I recommend, for a RTW trip:

- Turkey (spend at least 2 weeks there)
- Lebanon
- Jerusalem
- Amman (Jordan and visit Petra and the Wadi Rum)
- Egypt (spend time and see heaps)
- Dubai (a couple of days, in a nice hotel, to recover!)
- India (Mumbai or Kolkata - personally I like Kolkata)
- China (the North is good, Beijing and Xian in particular)
- Hong Kong (at least a week. Great place, great food)
- Taiwan (haven't been but it's on the way)
- Japan (not to be missed. Kyoto for definite. I also liked Hokkaido)
- Bangkok (and travel up to Chiang Mai)
- Malaysia (and visit the East coast)
- Singapore (the night zoo is meant to be worth a visit - animals outside and people in the cages)
- Australia (arriving in Sydney and going up to Cairns and Port Douglas, with stops in Byron Bay and Fraser Island; I recommend diving either in Byron Bay (very clear according to a friend who recently did it) or up around Cairns); and onto the Daintree rain forest and Port Douglas) . At this point, if you want to work, I think Australia is a good place. Fruit picking, working in a bar, waitering, contracting in IT if you have that skill, any kind of office temping if you have the skill, come to that. It's huge so takes forever to see, so 3-4 months isn't such a bad idea if you need to top up your cash
- New Zealand (plan at least a month and see everything. I recommend walking the Milford Track)
- South America (specifically the Iguazu Falls)
- South Africa (this bit gets a bit tricky, because strictly speaking you go to Africa from NZ and Australia East to West, rather than from South America West to East)
- Tanzania/Mozambique/Namibia/Kenya (not sure what order is viable here)
- Madagascar
- Morocco
- Spain

Happy travels!

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