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i am in serious need of some motivation! a few weeks ago i couldn't think of anything more exciting than planning my next trip. now, for no apparent reason, travelling just seems like a bunch of work and i am having doubts and a general lack of interest. i'm about to come up on the most ideal time ever to take a three month holiday and really want to go through with it... i need some help!

what inspires you to travel? what makes the confusion, frustration, long bus rides, expenses, risks, miscommunications, and living out of a backpack worth it for you? can anyone recommend any books, movies, or websites that might reunite me with my passion???


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Hi Michelle,
I get that sometimes, too. I'll buy the travel guide and get all excited - then all of a sudden I don't want to look at the thing anymore. I don't know why, it's like I've got information overload and I can't possibly imagine getting everything done. Once I'm actually going, though - I can barely contain myself...

Looking at photos helps, ans so too does talking about travelling. Lots of comparing and questioning and then you realize you want to see all that, too! All the hassles fade into the background, or else they become a learning part of your trip. I'm still not really good with unexpected glitches, though... something I'll learn to improve the more I travel!

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you posted the link to a website called global volunteers, and i took a look at
it... have you volunteered through this organization? i'd really love to hear
about it if you have. i was quite puzzled by the fact that for a two week
program you have to pay $2000 in addition to travel expenses (4-5 times the cost
of travel in a country like peru). do you know if it's standard to pay that much
money to get involved in something charitable? last year i looked into a similar
program, but the only cost was a registration fee of about 200 pounds...



Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your email. It's been posted above for the benefit of any other interested members. I haven't actually volunteered through this particular organisation, however it's great to see you following up on the suggestion. Your spirit is to be commended.

The selection process and fees involved with some placement organisations for "charitable" work, can sometimes be somewhat prohibitive. As an alternative, I have previously spoken with the Salvation Army (an orphanage)in Sarawak,East Malaysia. And on another ocassion in London,England (a shelter for the homeless). We concluded that the most expedient way for a traveller to help out, was to just turn up on the doorstep. Perhaps you might care to speak with this or a similar organisation California.

Kind Regards

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There's a world map on this page. You can select countries you are interested:


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Not to sound sappy. Or bring the mood down. What inspires me is my mother. I lost her to cancer when I was 13. Too young to understand the invaulable lessons she taught me. One of her lessons: never have doubts. Because lying in your death bed, thats the one feeling, you don't want to have. No one is promised tommorow. So I get stuck at the airport, a long bus ride, a lost reservation or credit card; I simply think of her. How she wanted to travel. How she wished to be bird and fly. Venture out to the world, and beholds it wonderful sights. Never seeing those dreams materialized. Really things I mentioned, don't seem to be a big deal. With our busy lives, we sometime forget to take a step back and look at the big picture. How blessed we are to seize the moment.
Sorry dudes, maybe the holiday spirit is making me little mushy. Merry Christmas to u and your loved ones. Be lucky to have them!


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"... You can never do wrong in a mother's eyes, because she's sees her son through her heart ..."

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Thanks for sharing your story, remarcable. I have a similar story to yours.

I didn't travel much as a kid or a young adult. Travel sounded like something fun, but it was always something for later. There was never enough time or money. There was always something else that I needed to do. But then the world changed.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer and died in 1999. My mother was 65 and had just been retired for 9 months when she died. At the time I was stuck in a job I hated, spending 50 to 60 hours a week doing tedious work for people I didn’t really like. I put myself in my mother’s place – imagined myself 35 years in the future, at 65 and newly retired. If I were diagnosed with cancer, would I be sitting there thinking about all those things that I had said, “next year, next year, next year?” I quit my job and decided that I wouldn’t put off those things that I wanted.

I realized that the things stopping me from traveling wasn’t the money or the time or any of the things I needed to do. It was that I was scared. Scared of putting myself out in an unfamiliar world.

I remember sitting in my office on a seemingly average Tuesday morning in September of 2001 when someone said, “an airplane hit the World Trade Center.” It was September 11th, 2001, and as the details of the day revealed themselves, I remember one main thought kept going through my head, “I would hate to die at work.” I thought to myself, as I sat watching the replies over and over on CNN, “what if that had been my office building?”

There is no time like the present. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. None of us knows if we have a tomorrow.

Now, it never makes travel seem like less of a hassle, or ever remove the fear I get in going to some place where I don't know the people, the culture or the language. But, I always power through the fear because the last thing I want is to regret not going.

You never regret the things you do, only the things you don't do.

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what inspires you to travel? what makes the confusion, frustration, long bus rides, expenses, risks, miscommunications, and living out of a backpack worth it for you? can anyone recommend any books, movies, or websites that might reunite me with my passion???

What inspires me to travel is burn-out. I reach a point where I just have to go somewhere, anywhere and at the time for as long as I can afford.
What makes all the confusion, frustration, long bus rides, risk, miscommunication, expense and living out of a backpack worth it??? Rediscovering that I love the country where I come from and generally can't wait to get back.

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Much like Remarcable and Greg, i also lost my mum to cancer about two and a half years ago. At the time she was diagnosed i was planning to go travelling, but afterwards i decided to put it off and go back to university instead so that i could stay close to home. Unfortunately my mum died in my first year of the course, but i managed to land a really good job in my third year & finish my degree. Though my career was taking off i still hadn't lost the urge to go travelling. on a miserable afternoon i thought 'what do i want to do more than anything else in the world?'. So i spoke to my managers & they're now letting me have six months off. i'd obviously like to go for longer, but for now it's great, without me having to risk losing my job, which i really love.

After losing my mum i think you learn to put things in perspective. How important are the things you're worrying about if it's stopping you doing what you've always wanted to do?

i'll admit that i've also found it a bit of a pain organising my trip as i'm the most unorganised person ever, but now that most things are booked and organised i can look forward to it now! Only three weeks to go!!!!!