Scared of having our bags stolen!!!????

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1. Posted by Fluffpotts (Budding Member 23 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,

my friend and I are travelling South America-NZ-OZ- South East Asia and India.

we have our backpacks and have bought a pacsafe but were worried about the following:

will the pacsafe draw attention to us, and people think there is stuff worth stealing and as they cant get in the bag just take the whole thing?

do most hostels have lockers? are they reasonably priced? do you have to provide your own padlock?

have any of you made it around the world without having anything taken?? any top tips??

thank you



2. Posted by mim (Respected Member 1276 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Not sure what a pacsafe is..?

I travelled in S America and India and never had any problems, when on the trains in India there were a lot of rumours about people taking whole bags, taking stuff and then throwing the rest off the train, my brothers friend had his money and passport taken from his bag...however, I bought a chain and slept near my bag, kept my passport and money in a belt and never had any problems, I think if you're sensible about it you should be fine.

South America, again, it'll only be bad luck if you're always sensible, don't travel around in the streets too much with your big pack, store valuables in safes or on your person at night if you stay in hostels.

Don't worry otherwise you won't enjoy yourself, anything is replacable, except you of course so stay safe!

Happy travelling

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From what I know about the pacsafe products I've seen, they are a sort of net-like thing that you put over your bag/rucksack. Incredibly expensive too - for what they are. Not for me, but each to their own when it comes to feeling secure.
Rule number 1 (There is no rule number 2).... Always travel with one of you awake and your eyes watching like a hawk in unfamiliar places. That way, nobody will attempt to nab your gear. If you're both asleep, then you are easy sitting targets - and never have your passports, money, cards, tickets etc. in your rucksack. Always have them safely tucked away on you.
Simple as that.

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Apart from being sensible about where you put things, I really wouldn't stress too much about your bag. Just go travelling and enjoy the trip, I've met a few people that spend more time concerned about the safety of things that they miss the trip.