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1. Posted by spike87 (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I have been reading through the forum for quite a while, only just joined. I've been planning my round the world trip for the past few months, hoping to start my travels either Sept/Oct this year or Feb/March next year. I'm 22, just about to leave my job because I'm so bored with it. I also want to travel before I start thinking about buying a house and settling down etc. None of my friends have the money or are able to just quit their jobs to do a trip like this. It looks as if I'll be travelling solo which I find a bit scary but I've read so many stories about travelling this way and it seems the best way to do it!

I've sort of planned out a route I'd like to take, which looks something like this:

London - Cairo - Amman - Hong Kong - Beijing - Tokyo - Singapore - Sydney - Auckland - Santiago - Sao Paulo - Lima - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Toronto - New York - London

At first I was thinking around 4 months, but I know I'd probably end up extending it when I'm out there. This route was planned on the OneWorld route planner and is coming up at around £3,200 for all flights. I've seen much cheaper routes on STA Travel but you can't really choose the exact route you want to take.

I am also very interested in doing one of the TEFL courses to be able to teach English abroad, especially in South America. I've been looking at the i-to-i courses through STA travel but I've read that it can be very difficult to find teaching work abroad. It's a lot of money to spend when there's no guarantee of finding work.

I'd be interested to hear your opinions on the route and any other sites that may help me with the planning.



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Hi Ash,

Your plan looks really exciting. Im planning my trip at the moment and have read and spoken to alot of people about my plans which are similar to yours. The advice that I have found is that:

1. a RTW ticket is brilliant but it is not very flexible if you suddenly just want to change your plans. Even though booking your own flights and creating your own itilenary can be more rewarding and more flexible.

2.A Tefl course by i-to-i is good and they sometimes but special offers on, It can be true that in some countries it is hard to get work but in China there is a huge demand for work, with good pay of up to £500 a month. These are contracts though where you can work as little as three months and up to 9months or more, so you may definatly have to increase the time you are away.

I hope this helps.
Good luck with your travels


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Hi Ash, your plans sound amazing and we may cross paths at some point - HK and LA!

I just wanted to throw in there that I was recommended "round the world experts" for your flights. They've been wonderful to me and my flatmate (we're both planning entirely different RTW trips). They're so knowledgeable in suggestingg different ways you might travel to knock off a few bob here and there! They also offer a travel butler service where, once you're away, you can change your flight times/dates for the airline fee only - they won't charge an admin fee. That's what sold me.


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My trip was south east asia, Oz, New Zealand, chile, Argentina, Peru, Miami, NYC, Torronto and back home to London and cost me 2500 pound, i booked it with Trailfinders, very good company and very helpfull much better than STA heard loads of stories from people with trouble from them once out travelling.

Hope this helps


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Well I've decided to remove a few destinations from my route. Quite a few people have said it's just too much to fit in 3/4 months. So my new route is looking something like this:

London - Beijing - Tokyo - Hong Kong - Singapore - Sydney - Cairns - Brisbane - Auckland - Santiago - Easter Island - Lima - Sao Paulo - London

This route is showing around £2700 with OneWorld which I'm really happy with. I'm hoping to leave this year, maybe September time.

Thanks for your replies, I'm going to look at Trailfinders now to see if they can do anything cheaper.

7. Posted by ...kitty (Budding Member 35 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I was really happy with Round The World Experts. They don't charge you when you want to change dates whilst you're away as well on certain tickets - it's called "travel butler". Plus if your itinerary isn't quite set to that order they might twak it a little to get the cheapest deal for you.:)

I'm doing London - Joburg // Capetown - Singapore - Bangkok // Hong Kong - Sydney // Brisbane - Auckland - LA // New York - London

( // = making my own way overland )

Sounds like a great trip! Have an amazing time.