HELP PLEASE, what to do about taking money??????????

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Hey guys,

I really really really need your help! my friend and I leave next week for a RTW adventure.

I have a cash card with the Cirrus logo on it and a debit card with a Maestro sign on it, I am not taking any credit cards.

Do you think we will be ok with these, we are going Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, NZ,OZ, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India.

should we take travellers checks? should we take some cash so we have some for on arrival?

can any one recommend a good pre pay credit card? will we spend a fortune on ATM withdrawal fees if we keep drawing money out???



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I recommend to take some cash for the arrival in the currency you will need over there. Personally, I take also some cash in my own currency, just in case. I used to be abroad for a year. Therefore I used the American Express Card this worked out quite well. I also heard good things about those Traveller checks but as somebody told me you have to make sure that there will be a bank who will take those.

I hope this helps at least a little

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I wouldn't bother with Traveller's Checks. They are a pain to cash and to hunt down a decent rate. Yes, you will pay at least one fee every time you get a cash advance on a credit card (One fee to the ATM bank and another to your card issuer) but it is very convenient. It may pay to shop around for a card with a low foreign withdrawal fee. This may not apply to you but I also understand that sometimes the PIN codes aren't compatible in other countries (too many numbers or something). You need to check whether you need to notify the card issuer that you are traveling. I'm in the US and my Visa is very touchy if it sees a charge coming from another country and immediately puts a hold on any further activity on the card until they hear from me. I told them ahead of time where I was going to be so I wouldn't be stranded without money. Another thing to consider is the daily limit you can withdraw from an ATM. I hadn't prepaid all my hostels and found myself having to scramble a couple of times for train fare and hostel fees when they only took cash and it was more than I could withdraw in a day.

Have fun!

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Forget travellers cheques - they're just a dying trend and such a bad deal.
You've still time to get in touch on-line with a few card companies to see if their cards are valid in the countries you're travelling too. Cards are the 100% way forward when travelling.

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