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Hi Everyone!!

just wondering if anyone has flown with Aerolineas? are they any good?? nice and cheap!

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I flew with them recently and I thought they were great in my opinion. I flew from NZ to Argentina as well as two international flights within South America.

Food and service were good. Pretty typical airline really. One flight was delayed by several hours but this happens to all airlines.

The bottom line is the price. If the price is right just book it. When I was searching for flights their nearest competitor was over twice as expensive.

I also did quite a few bus trips which were way longer than most flights. If I'm on a bad flight I always think to myself it's never quite as bad a being on a slow overcrowded bumpy bus for hours and hours on end.

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Yes, I flew with them last year from Auckland to Buenos Aires, and they are by the far the worst airline I have ever flown with! Our flight was delayed by nearly 9 hours on the outward journey and our return flight was cancelled completely so we had to come back a day earlier which was annoying.

When we checked in at EZE airport in Buenos Aires (3 hours before the flight) we were told we couldn't sit together as the flight was already full, which seemed strange. As we got talking to others in the departure lounge and on board the plane it transpired that lots of other people had been told this, including one family who had checked in 8 hours beforehand at the start of their journey in Brazil! I'm not sure what the problem was but in the end we all just ended up swapping with each other and sitting where we wanted. It was such a farce!

The in-flight service was virtually non- existent; the food was very poor, there were no screens in the backs of seats and we hardly ever saw the cabin crew. The plane was very shabby inside.

In spite of all this, I would put up with them again as they will get you from A to B for much cheaper than the others!

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