Thailand - Australia - New Zealand - Fiji - LA - New York???

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Has anyone done this route or something similar?

Lookin to be away for about 9 or 10 months and have a good idea of when i want to go/what i want to do.

It's myself and my boyfriend and just wondering how much we'll need? or how much other people spent???

would be doing

Thailand, 4 weeks - Australia, 12-16 weeks (depending on work) - New Zealand, 4 weeks - Fiji, 4 weeks - US, 12 weeks




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Looking forward to this answer - as i'm planning similar
CapeTown - Durban - Thailand - Hong Kong - Australia (8-12 weeks+ if work) - Fiji - LA - Miami - Martinique

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I,m doing something very simual with my girlfriend,where going
L.A 5days
Hawaii 2week
Fiji 2week
New Zealand 8week
Australia 5months
Singapore - Thailand 4weeks

We have got £12000 between us and another £4000 to use on credit card if needed and were goin to try and work in Australia for a month or 2.Flights are paid for and so are visa and insurance and a few hostels.Hope this gives you a rough guide

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I spent 10 weeks in south east asia and spent around 2500 GBP, Singapore is very expensive dearer than London prices!!
Also spent 6 weeks in Oz which also very expensive i spent 2000 GBP just doing the east coast suppose if your going work it might be different but if you plan on spending 12 weeks without working you will spend a fortune. New zealand is similar i spent 4 weeks here and spent 3000 GBP, altho i did do loads here and prob one of the best places i´ve been. Im currently in South america which is awesome and would highly recommend it to everyone, really cheap especially bolivia and peru.

Next im going to north america but unsure on budget for here been told to expect around $50-70 a day-

All in all i have spent around 9000 GBP on my trip and other than in New zealand i have been pretty carefull with money. Its all about rate when converting money the pound seems to be crap everywhere at the minute.

Hope this helps, have a great trip.