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Hi, im off travelling the world next week for 9months and worked out a budget of what i have saved up.£23 a day for everything.flights of paid for..going L.A hawaii fiji NZ OZ Malaysia and thailand..is this budget possible???i have a backup credit card but im trying to avoid using it to much

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Depends how long you plan to stay in each location. I think that budget is very low for US, Fiji, Oz and NZ. But in Malaysia and Thailand I'm sure you'd get by. The more time you spend there, the more feasible it becomes in my opinion.

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But not your room/bed? £23 a day? I think not, unless you're going to sleep in alley ways and only eat leftovers.
Seriously, £23 a day is nothing like enough. A room alone is going to cost you - at the very cheapest, $15 - $20 a night.
Thailand maybe, Malaysia - possibly. But LA, Hawaii, Fiji, Oz and NZ on £23 a day? If you do manage to do it, I'd like to see how.

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I realise it may be way out,but thats just a target it aim for.anything near that and i would be happy.do you have any ideas on how much i would need a day.i no hostels are between $15-$20 dollars for cheap ones but thats less in £s.i am going to work in Oz to so that should up the funds.Credit Card is last resort!

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Phew.. You're really touching the void with this one.
Your bed is going to be the biggest slice of your daily spend - there's no doubt.
I wonder - have you considered 'Couch-Surfing'? I know little (in fact, nothing) about how it works, as I've never done it and it really isn't my 'thing' at all, but I've heard good shouts about it and if your budget is that tight, it might be worth a look.
I still think 23 (whether £'s $'s or €'s) is cutting it far too fine. Maybe wrong, but it sounds too near the mark for me.

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Its not realy my thing either,i dont think.looks like il be doing abit more work in OZ and spending on that credit card. Il let you no how it goes.

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Travelling all over with flights paid for a good rule of thumb seems to be 1k per month. Even with having pounds and staying mostly in the cheaper countries I think that you need approx. 8000 pounds for your planned trip of 9 months. It is going to be less if a significant portion of those 9 months are actually spend working in Oz, but your budget is still very low.

How much money to take: For travelling around Europe you should plan on having around 60 pounds per day, USA and Canada will be similar depending upon your method of travel. In South America I think that you will need approx. 30 pounds per day, depending on where exactly you are going. In South East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia) you should be able to get by on your planned 23 pounds, elsewhere it is going to be difficult.

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Think you might wanna have a bit of a cash lifeline, either by credit card or friends/family....! £23 a day equates to around $35 USD and $40 AUD. No way you could survive easily in the US or Aus on that kind of cash, a room in a crappy hostel will still set you back around $20-25 a day leaving $20-15 for food and fun (here in Aus), which wouldn't be very enjoyable.

Another important thing to consider is the impact the GFC has had on employment in western countries - it's pretty bad at the moment and even typical traveller jobs can be hard to come by, as people unable to find work in their fields drop back down the ladder to find steady income.