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What is the best place for a student to live in England?

Travel Forums Europe What is the best place for a student to live in England?

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1. Posted by elena-m (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone, I'm considering moving to England in year 2011 (september) to continue my studies and make a master degree.
I found some universities who offer the master I'm looking for but I really don't know wich one to choose...
I want to consider the city and not only the university, the cost of living,te price to rent a flat,activities,nightlife,...
I'll have 23 when i'll move there and my boyfriend 24 he is not student anymore and he has a diploma in business, I also want to look for the best place for both of us.

So here are my choices: University of Greenwich in London (i've been there a lot of time and I know this is expensive but i love this place but I don't know greenwich) University of Salford and Manchester metropolitan university.
I never been in Salford and Manchester so I need your advices for these cities.

Thanks for your help guyz!

2. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

As far as Salford goes, nothing much happens there although it would be quite a bit cheaper to live than London. The positive with Salford is that Manchester, which has quite a lot happening, is right next to it, and easy to get to.

3. Posted by lucyloo4 (Budding Member 53 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Greenwich is in South East London, there is some stuff to do locally and its not far to travel into central london.

London is an amazing city to live in,
But you definately pay for it! it is v expensive to rent in, especially if you want to move in with your boyfriend,
not just rent but also council tax is high and you'll find that travel etc will eat away at your money...

Manchester will be much cheaper to rent and live in, and is also a big city with lots going on and good nightlife.
However, as mojorob said Salford is in greater manchester (on the outskirts), so will probably be even cheaper to live in and not far to travel into the city centre- out of the three I would say it would be the best option.

Hope this helps make your decision...:)

4. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

[quote=lucyloo4] Manchester will be much cheaper to rent and live in

Manchester is no cheaper for a student to live in - than London.
A shared flat will cost just as much as in London.
However, Salford - which is part of Greater Manchester, is quite a bit cheaper than Manchester itself and is only 10 minutes away from Manchester City Centre, by bus or train.
There are very nice parts of Salford - the ultra modern 'Quays' waterfront is quite spectacular, along with its hotels and theatres. However, Salford also has one of the worst gun crimes outside of London - in the UK. Oh gosh, this isn't sounding so hopeful now - is it?
Seriously, Salford is OK. It's a small city with a good night life and excellent uni. The train links are superb. Salford Crescent is the UK's busiest railway station with excellent regular connections to the whole country.
You'll find everything you want in London - and also in Manchester, but on a smaller basis. Greater London has something like 8,000,000 people (it varies depending whos statistics you read) and Gr. Manchester has around 2,000,000. Both metropolitan areas are roughly the same size. London is around 1,000 sq. kms and Manchester is about 900 sq. kms.
Manchester and London's nightlife are much the same, except again - Manchester's is spread over a smaller area.
To chose between the two, when it comes to a great night out - that's difficult. Both are quite different and a lot of fun. The people in Manchester tend to take their clubbing more seriously and the drinks are cheaper than in London.
Wigan, which is part of Greater Manchester - has one of the greatest nightlub complexes in the world.
London has a vast array of everything going on all the time. If you're into big places, then they don't come much bigger anywhere on the planet. No matter what your taste in food or music - history or art, London has it all.
Just remember though, it's a capital city and doesn't sleep much. If you're going to get a flat there, try and get one off the main road. The traffic is moving day and night.

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