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Does anyone have an idea of how PG is affected by Manila being very close to it? I mean can the waters be muddy due to ships floating around or anything else which can make one's stay not very amasing could be noticed there?


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I stayed in PG for 7 weeks at the beginning of the year.
Actually it's not so close to Manila, if I remember correctly it's around 200 km. So don't worry about the garbage or pollution coming from Manila, coz it will never reach PG. The problem that comes from Manila and which could affect your stay there is the masses of people floating PG at the weekends, especially during April/May.
But most of those people stay at White Beach or Sabang, not directly in PG town, but I assume you to do the same, since there is hardly any tourist who stays in PG.
Anyway, the water at White Beach (6 km from PG town) sometimes is muddy and polluted due to the ferry carriers, which justthrow their waste overboard at nights.
There is another thing you should know about the beaches around PG: Plenty of jellyfishes !!

Drop me an email if you have further questions, I travelled for about 6 months in the Philippines and know some good places.

Ciao, Kai

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PG diving photos from hkdiver.com:

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Thanks guys.

What about sharks in Pilippines?
And are those jellyfishes you told about dangerous?

And do people really throw away their trash into the waters near to beaches?

What other budget place could you recommend? (ie are there any cheap places to stay on Cebu or somewhere in that region)

Can anyone make comparisons over how the sea is clean in Thailand (Phuket, Phi-Phi, Samui) vs Philippines?


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Hi again,

there are sharks in the Philippines, many different species. I recommend you to visit Legaspi/Donsol on Southeast-Luzon, because from January till May you will see so many walsharks there! I've been there twice, on the first day I saw more than 20 and on the second day around 10. It's such a great experience when you swim or snorkel next to a 10 meter walshark!
Those jellyfishes I told about are not dangerous, but they sting pretty painfull and one's skin is burned for a couple of hours. The natives and also the divers simply use vinegar or calamansi-juice to soothe the pain.
Well, about the trash, of course it always depends on the person itself, but in general Filippinos are somewhat careless concerning nature and environmental pollution. PG is very close to Batangas, one of the biggest cities in the Philippines and Batangas port belongs to the most frequented ports in the Philippines.
Anyway, usually the sea at PG is clean and visibility underwater is good, it's just that I remember 2 or 3 times when I was walking along the beach it was full of rubbish. Water is compareable with Thailand.
PG is a wonderful place as long as you appreciate it for what it is: Not a paradise! Beaches look only great when you see panorama photos of it, in reality the sand is pretty dusty and rather sharp-edged. It does not consist of coral-powder as the sand of beaches that most people prefer but rather it is stones crushed to dust by the sea.
Well, if you have enough time to get far off Manila than I would advice you to visit Palawan or some islands near to Cebu.
If you want to stay closer to Manila there is another island west of Mindoro, called Pandan Island. It's a private island, a french guy bought it from the government 20 years ago and built a nice resort on the island. Prices are ok, 10 USD for a double room. Everything on this island is good - snorkling, diving, beaches, people, atmosphere etc.
Take a bus from Manila to Batangas, from there a ferry to Abra-de-Ilog then catch a bus to Sablayan and finally a fisherboat to Pandan. It sounds complicated but is simple.
Gosh, I didn't intend to write a novell here...

Take care, Kai