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In Malaysia at the moment and our next stop is Vietnam. Just wondering where we can get the visa from for there?

We were planning to stay on Peninsula Malaysia around the coasts, but that now doesn't seem such a good plan so heading to Sarawak. Is it best to get the visas before we leave or can we get them in Sarawak?

Any help greatly appreciated as we have never gone about buying visas before!


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The only place to get it is from the Embassy of Vietnam.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Malaysia
4 Persiaran Stonor, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
T: 03-21484036, 21484534
F: 03-21483270

(Source: )

How's your trip in Malaysia so far?


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Thank you! Do you know how long it takes to process by any chance. Tried looking on the internet but couldn't find an offical site, just loads of tour companies trying to sell you their services to get one.

Loving Malaysia, in the Cameron Highlands at the moment, got a bit lost on the "Jungle Trails" a few times, but never mind. We were planning on heading to the West Coast tomorrow but decided that it's probably best to leave that after recent events. So, heading off to Sarawak, probably next week after we have been to Tamen Negara and KL:). Is there anywhere else inland that you would suggest before we go?

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Based on what I saw from other embassies a couple of years back, visa applications took about three to five days, with the exception of US which can take about a month or more! You must get your Vietnam visa done in KL before you leave for Sarawak. This is because you need your passport to enter Sarawak, and Sabah too. Even us, Malaysians in the peninsular, are required to go through the immigration process. It's part of a deal with the two states when they joined Malaysia in 1963.

Couldn't find what you wanted on the net? Heh... I always use specific keywords for googling. In this case, I use the name of the country and the word "tourism". Try not to use the word "travel" as it is normally associated more with commercial websites in the search engines.

If you really wanted to hit the beach or island, try Pangkor. It's a small island located off the Royal Malaysian Navy base at Lumut, Perak. I believe it's safe to go there because it's situated pretty far south off the affected areas. It's just a 1 1/2 hours drive from Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state. There's a road circling the entire island and it takes just half an hour do that on a bike (available for rent).

As for inland, let's see... Have you been to Penang already?

Genting Highland ( is another highland you can go to. Apart from the cold weather, it's nothing like Cameron Highlands. It's a highland resort with an indoor+outdoor theme park and a casino (the one and only licensed casino in Malaysia). Go there if you're into those activities.

Once you're in KL (let's hook up for a drink if you want to! ;) ), the must see would be (for sure) the world's tallest twin towers, the skybridge linking the two towers, Chinatown (aka Petaling Street) and Batu Caves. If you didn't get a chance to go on a rainforest canopy walk in Taman Negara (Taman=Park, Negara=National) (not sure if they have that), you can do that in a forest just outside KL. It's a 5-minute drive from Batu Caves, near where I work (ok, I'm not working in another cave! )

You can then head on south to Malacca, the historical city. It's 2 hours drive from KL. Apart from the old historical buildings dated back to the Portuguese invasion in the early 1600s, there's also a farm where you can see a lot of Jeff Corwin's best friends (a crocodile farm, that is ).

Then you can go to Sarawak.