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I will be going to LHR from Boston via Toronto later this month with Air Canada. There is about a 1hr layover in Toronto. Is this really enough time to get from one terminal to the next and get some food for the trans-atlantic leg of the flight. The flight leaves about 8pm from Toronto. I wondered if they served an evening meal on the plane or if you have to bring your own food. I have never travelled with them before and never been in Canada, so if anyone has been on that flight if they can give me a few tips. I just don't travel by plane much, and never on my own before.

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Hi Joto and welcome to Travellerspoint!

Well, I've never flown Air Canada or stopped over in Toronto (on the to do list :) ) but I think one hour should be enough... if it was London, that would be a different story but in general that is enough time. Often these popular legs are even the same plane. If something does go wrong, it is the airlines problem and they have been known to pay out nicely for a very luxurious hotel or to get you on another airline and still to where you need to be at the right time.

Regarding the food, no problem. That should be about a 9 hour flight and you will definitely get 2 meals on it. The quality might not be the best but even there the last 5 times I flew it seems to be getting pretty good, even on the dutch airlines!!! Generally speaking, unless it is a budget airline flying a one or two hour flight, you always get served something while flying.

Hope this helps!



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Hey Joto!

I have flown Air Canada and stopped in Toronto on my way back home (Montreal) from Los Angeles. My stopover was an hour as well. I'm not sure about Overseas flights leaving from Toronto, but my stopover worked out with a lot of time to spare, and I switched from International Arrivals to Domestic Departures. My suggestion (as I'm sure anyone else would suggest) would be to know exactly where your terminal is located in advance. I don't think you'll have any problems! Have fun in England!


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Hey Joto,
I have actually flown with Air Canada quite a few times. In one instance I did fly from Calgary to Toronto, where I had a layover for about an hour, as you have, and then caught a flight from Toronto to Munich, Germany ( a route which has now been phased out by the airline). Me and my friend had no problems finding the international terminal, and did not have to pick up any luggage, besides what we had carried on, to take to the terminal. Air Canada does serve a meal or two on an international flight. It really depends, however, how long your flight lasts. I am guessing LHR stands for London Heathrow Airport, and if that is the case, you will most deffinately be served several meals, possibly snacks and drinks, have an optional movie to watch, or two, and if your flight is overnight, they do provide pillows with clean coversheets, and blankets for the passengers. That is the service I recieved in "economy class" a few years ago when I took that aforementioned flight. I hope that helps. :) Bon Voyage!