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1. Posted by shauny88 (Budding Member 28 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hi all
currently on my RTW trip and arrive in Oz in about 8week. Iv got my working visa all sorted but as soon as i arrive i would like to start some fruit picking.How do i go about i just turn up at a farm and ask or is there websites anyone knows of?

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Hi Shaun,

There are a couple of websites such as wwoofing (which is also on facebook) which offer fruit picking. Some agencies also offer fruit picking as work. But I think your best bet is google-ing it (if you haven't already) and going from there.

There are also a couple of websites that families post on and you volunteer to work for them, some of these are fruit picking too, but you need to sign up in order to contact them.

Sorry I'm not much help!


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Most farming towns have working hostels. Bananas goes year round in QLD, working in Tully myself right now. Citrus fruit is good right now in SA.

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You need a work visa to pick fruits... this would be a regular work visa, which means its not convenient for some passport holders?

Well, I am Asian, will that matter? I mean, can people from southeast Asia just travel to places like Australia and get jobs as apple or orange pickers???

I wish I have that option. Travelling in places where my currency shrinks to pine nuts, makes it impossible for me to stay long enough to really enjoy the place without doing some work.

Doing anything illegal is definitely not an option.

I have heard its easier to get a tourist visa to Australia, and the flights through Singapore is not so expensive.
But I can only afford to travel in OZ if I had that job option.

I am a huge fan of orchards, and it won't really feel like work, especially, if I will be picking fruits that dont grow in tropical countries.

Has anyone ever met a South East Asian traveller, backpacking and funding it by doing farm work like fruit picking???