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I'm going to Nepal next week and plan to take my laptop. I have never taken a laptop away with me before and have a vague idea that I need to get something to protect it from power surges / cuts that is different to a normal adapter. Can anyone tell me what it is that I need to get? And also where I can get one from?


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Different laptops (in fact all electrical products) have different levels of surge resistance. You would firstly need to get in touch with the manufacturer or country's distributor/advice agent to get more info.
There are also different surge protectors that produce different resistance.
Some laptops have a surge protector built into them nowadays.
A question that cant be answered fully and correctly by anyone, other than your manufacturer or distributor.
You could also go to the shop/on-line store etc. where you bought it from and they may be able to get some technical spec. on the model you've got - and tell you either whether you need one, which one, or if it's not needed. If they can't help you, then they should be able to give you a contact address/phone number of someone who can.
Good luck.

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The power pack for your laptop will have some form of surge protection already built in, that's what the box in the middle of it is. However, we have a plug adapter which has added surge protection in it for when we plug it into the wall, there are various types of these adapters which you can buy. Take a look at Argos for the travel adapters which have this added power surge protection. We have seen a few people with complicated special power packs which plug into the wall, but not sure you really need this; we just thought it was best to have that added protection in the adapter we use to plug into the wall.

We have been away for 4 years and 3 of those we have had a laptop with us in some pretty dodgy power areas all over SE Asia, India and China and have never had a problem just using an adapter plug with surge protection