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I am a vegetarian (I don't eat any meat, fish or things like gelatine, but do eat some dairy) and was wondering if it will be easy for me to eat well in Oz/NZ/Fiji - I guess I have the stereotypical view of Aussies always eating steak and having BBQs, and am worried about finding decent veggie stuff

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Hello Vegetarian,

you'll find easily heaps of great fruit and veggies in Australia, also lots of soya/tofu based products. As Australia is a multicultural country, you'll find lots of yummy treats: pasta, vegetable curries, sandwiches and panini etc with all sorts of non-meat fillings.

So start looking forward to some great treats while overthere!



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You really don't have anything to worry about in Australia. Although your stereotypical view in regards to bbqs does certainly hold true in a lot of ways, you'll also find that there are plenty of vegetarians in Australia and you will be catered for. You can get vegetarian food for bbqs too you know.. lots of vegetable kebabs, tofu burgers and such so you won't feel left out while everyone else is standing around the bbq. Unless you don't like vegetables cooking next the meat, which may make it a little more tricky!

Australia has a great food culture all-round by the way. If you make it to Melbourne, be sure to visit the Victoria Market (or Viccie Market as we know it) for a HUGE selection of beautiful vegetables and deli goods and just about any treat you can imagine. I'd recommend the bratwurst and sauerkraut stand, but I guess you wouldn't want much of that ;)


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In Melbourne I think you can eat spectacularly well if you are a vegetarian.
I am not sure if it is okay to recommend places to eat but if you do come to Melbourne I would definitely recommend the Soul Food Cafe (Smith St, Collingwood, inner city, number 86 tram from town) as a great place to eat.
Also, in kebab places they usually have a vegetarian felafal kebab that's yummy. And there are heaps of places selling vegetarian pizzas.

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You'll have trouble in NZ with veggie food. There will (almost) always be one (or if lucky 2) choices on the menu for veggies, but it's really not very popular here at all. If you eat fish you'll be so much happier as fish is good and plentiful.
Veggie food in supermarkets is virtually non-existent, and the stuff that is available tastes only marginally better than dog food!
Having said the above, we've lived here for 2 and a half years and we've survived.......just......!

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I found vegetarian cooked breakfasts pretty good in NZ. I don't eat pork, so avoid suasages and bacon. I usually had eggs any which way, with muchrooms, grilled tomatoes and hash brown potatoes, sometimes with baked beans and spinach. Hardly the healthiest combination, but yummy and kept me going for a lot of the day. There was a very good vegetarian restaurant in Mt Victoria in inner city Wellington - don't know if it is still there. Mainstream restaurants - well I agree with watters on this one - the choice is quite poor for vegetarian, but cafe style places should be okay.