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Hi all! Myself, my husband, and our 3 small children - ages 4, 3, and 1 year- are hoping to move to England and we've no idea how to begin or where to go. So here is where I would like you to assist me if you can. What is the best place for people immigrating from America (the US) to live in England with children? Where is a good place to grow up and call home? What is safest, quietest place that still allows easy access to shops to buy food and clothing and such? Thanks in advance and please feel free to send me any information that you think would help me at all. BTW- I'm 24 yrs old, and my husband is 27.

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For starters there is now an Australian styled points system for immigration plus a soon-to-be enforced cap of around 125000 per year for all non-EU states, so you'd do well to check with the British Embassy to see what requirements there is in the UK market and what you would need to do to get in. I doubt it's as hard as obtaining a Green Card but it's certainly harder than in the past, which is not saying much.

As for where to live, it's entirely up to your preferences because for a country so small as the UK, there is a huge diversity of places etc. If was moving to another country I'd probably do a list of what were my/our joint top preferences besides the obvious ones you've said as unless you're in the Mafia, safety is going to be a given!

As a general rule of thumb it is markedly drier in the East and especially South East compared to the rest of Britain but there is more beautiful in the rugged sense countryside in the West. Also though note that even in Central London you are never going to be more than 1hr away from the "green and pleasant land" and it's personally my favourite aspect of England and the UK in general.

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I agree with the last writer that it is very difficult to give much advice without a few more clues from you as to what you want. City, town village? peaceful or wild?

Some places could definitely be ruled out as sorts of zimmer cities but beyond that more ifo is needed. I will try to be more helpful if you provide the clues.