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Hi All,

I need help, and would be most grateful for some tips. I've decided to leave my job and head round the world - something I've always wanted to do, but never been brave enough...until now!

I am planning a rtw trip for a year departing in Aug 2011. I have listed the places where i want to go. This is the first time ive travelled so have no idea how much money i need when do i start booking should i work etc.

Start - South America - Has anyone travelled with Contiki or another group?
North America
South Africa

i was looking at between aud15k-20k would this be enough would i be struggling?

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I can't speak as the voice of experience as I haven't gone anywhere yet, however, my wife and I are planning 12 months out from October 2011. We are trying to hit a target of around £28k which works out at around AUD47k, I guess. This is based on a couple we know who went travelling. I imagine it's a bit more expensive than just halving that amount for one person but you also need to consider the general cost of living in the countries you're visiting.

None of them strike me as backpackers paradise in terms of cheap rooms, food and travel.

As I said though, like you, we're venturing into the unknown with our travels.

The other thing to consider is the exchange rates. The pound was much stronger a couple of years back, so now we're crossing our fingers for a bit of a recovery in the next 12 months.

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I'm planning a trip of 6 months starting in 2012. As I'm a travelagent and travelled a lot allready, maybe I can help you a little bit.

Starting with the flights. You can only book flights from 11 months before departure. Your budget will also depend what kind of flights you will book. You can f.i. book all low cost flights on your one, but risk to get stuck if there are cancellations. Or you can take a safe flight organisation that offer rtw tickets like Oneworld, Star alliance, Rtwexperts,..
They will take care of your flights for you, but it will cost more.

The ideal budget a day depends on the country you will be visiting. I count between 15 & 20€/day in asia and south america and around 30 & 40€ in america and europe (this without entrance fees and transportation)
But if I can give you some advice, join Couchsurfing ! You can find peolpe all around the world ready to welcome you in there homes. This can help your budget considerably !

Also something to find out is how will travel ? Will you mostly take flights ? Or will you travel with night buses ? The longest but mostly much cheaper !!

I hope I helped you with this information.

Have a nice trip !!

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I'm not sure if I have anything like an answer to your question but thought I could share some of my experiances in planning a Round the World trip for my wife and I.

We are leaving Sydney in mid September 2010 and travelling for 95 days. I have just completed a trip map and you should be able to link to it if you're interested.

We are both in our late 60s and therefore well past the BackPacker age. But we are keen to achieve best value for money. To that end, I'll give you some overall costs for our time away. NB all values are in AU$.

Air Fares = $6600 (flying 5 different airlines)
Hotels = $5250 (we are spending 10 nights with friends)
7 day Alaska Cruise = $2300
11 Cross Canada Rail trip plus excersions = $9000
28 day Mediterranean Cruise = $9200

With all transport, all accommodation and many meals paid for it is costing us about $400 per day.

I hope this has been of some assistance.

Enjoy your trip and don't wait until you are old like us.