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1. Posted by taylor246 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone. Im looking to go travelling next year around april time and im tyring to start and make some rough plans. Ive already seen an organised trip to kenya, however im looking for advice on spending time in australia (4 months) and china/vietnam... Would be grateful for any information, particuarly a rough guide to daily costs so ive got an idea of an overall budget.
Would also like to meet like minded people planning a similar thing as a year away is a little daunting.

Thanks in advance.

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4. Posted by Jeanie9999 (Budding Member 27 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Budget is always an issue when planning a long trip.

You need to consider the countries you are visiting and all the extras need to be taken into account like VISAs, inoculations,insurance,tourist sites, these can all add on lots of money and of course the type of accommodation you want and how many times you want to eat out and drink out. Everyone is different. Are you prepared to camp this will save money.
Our trip cost approx £28,000 as a couple we did the trip 2007 - 2008.
Canada,USA,Fiji,NZ,OZ,India,Nepal,Vietnam,Thailand,Cambodia,China,Hong Kong.

Our accommodation was a mixture of camp sites hostels, log cabins,caravans,motels,hotels, overnight on trains, ferries etc
Travel, round the world ticket plus an international flight to change route, domestic flights,trains,ferries,local transport of every description. We hired cars to get to the out of way places it is difficult to see and allowed us to camp. We did most of the national parks in the US, the Rockies in Canada and the East coast of Australia Queensland to the Great Ocean Road.
I only booked accommodation in advance after a long flight the rest we did as we went along, booking by Internet or just turning up.
Best of luck and keep safe.

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8. Posted by kichikacha (Respected Member 328 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


Exchange rates:

- hostel bed/person in Shanghai/Beijing, other big cities along the east coast: Y50-60
- hostel bed/person in other cities: Y20-35
- hotel room (1-2 persons) in Shanghai/Beijing, other big cities along the east coast: Y200-250
- hotel room (1-2 persons) in other cities: Y50-60
- food: dumpling breakfast/noodle soup: Y4-7, main meal Y10-20
- transportation: bus a bit more expensive 5hours Y50-70, 12hours Y100-120, it depends of course on distance, so on fast highways cost/hour is higher.
- trains: sleeper recommended, see
- domestic flights - see or
- public transport in cities: in general Y1-2, except shanghai (Y3-4 for a metro ride)
- admission to sights is the single most expensive thing: Y50-200
- renting bicycle: Y10-40 / day, buying one: Y100
In general, if you keep tight budget, you should be able to get by for Y100 / day / person. It depends on your needs, where you travel (shanghai or "countryside"), how long distances you cover, how many tourist sights you want to see.

- hotel room (2 persons): US$ 8-10
- food: $1-2
- transportation: cheaper than china, e.g. 12hrs night bus - $7-10
- admission: don't have to calculate much
- renting a scooter: $5 / day + same amount for fuel

China is a great country! Just don't follow the tourist trail: shanghai - beijing - xian (these cities are also very interesting and nice), but go to the countryside, otherwise you will get bored of concrete, crowds and massive cities.

Have a great journey!

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