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hey there!

im intending on travelling and working around the world for five months beginning around March 2006. Im travelling with a friend but we want to go through a travel and work company to be more safe. However we dont know which one to go through. Does anyone have any recomendations on a trustworthy and well-known company?


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You don't necessarily need to have a combined travel/work agency, do you?

Perhaps you could consider the two separately by firstly, shopping around for the best "round-the-world (RTW)" OR "return flight" ticket.

Five months isn't really very long for working around the world, but if you happen to be nurses ....

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Hi Kiara,
I wouldn't bother with any company. Just get the visa and see what you find when you get there. That gives you the flexibility to move around or change jobs if your boss is horrible or the wages are rubbish!

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Hi Bunac are quite good they organise most things for you but will still leave you the flexibility to arrange some things yourself like jobs when you get there etc etc. They will give you a foot in the right direction but will cut the apron strings.
Hope this helps
They do however tend to arange trips for longer than 5 months but I know that camp america always need a camp nurse but this will mean working on one camp for 2 months.
A few ideas for you there

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Im going to be trvelling on my own, dont really want the hassle of having to plan things around people.

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Hi Kiara,
If you are planning on coming to Australia, you would need more than the 5 months to do it justice. But if you do come, you can be selective on where you want to go (depends on the season) and plan using a book called 'WORKABOUT'. It will give you 'Oz' wide info of all the typical jobs that backpackers, temporary workers etc. are looking for. Search on line for it or you could enquire at This is the Melbourne Map Centre in Melbourne (Victoria). Enjoy your trip - Cheers