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I'm an Aussie female expat living in Hong Kong and am taking a 10 week sebatical (get out of work free card) by myself to do some traveling,
i was planning 2 weeks in South Africa, 4 weeks in Europe and most importantly 4 weeks in Central and South America,
starting early January 2011

I don't want to be running around trying to fit everything in. This'll be a once in a lifetime experience as the likely hood of returning will be slim.

I'm looking at pre booking flights from HK to South Africa, South Africa to South America to Central to Europe and back to HK.

I need some help with Central and South, i want to see ruins, vista and beaches, i'm not into trekking. i love a bus ride. i will be by myself.

What should be on top of my to do list.
Would love to hear some experiences.


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As you only have 4 weeks I would recommend sticking to Central America. The countries are smaller so you don't have to travel such long distances between sights. And it has almost everything South America has anyway ... islands, jungle, volcanoes, highlands, lakes, river cruises, adventure activities, ruins, shopping ... A sample itinerary could be start in cancun, mexico (easy to fly into) and work your way south through Belize (islands, snorkelling, sailing) guatemala (ruins, volcanoes, jungle, highlands, shopping) and honduras. do some research and see how much there is to do

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4 weeks not enough for South America!

Central America yes, reference http://wikitravel.org/en/Central_America

Able to take the 'Tica Bus' internationally, stop over, and within countries local buses, can message you more info. if you desire.

Except for some internal flights within Brazil (the size of continental USA) flights within Latin America generally expensive, some bus rides in South America between countries 50+ hours. Back breaking, need 12 weeks or more to see a lot of S.A.:(

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Thanks for your input,
after a bit of research i think i'm going to take your advice and stick to central america.


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Come to South America!
If you are looking for unforgettable experiences, full of colorful places , faces and adventures, come around Bolivia, in the heart of South America, Bolivia although it´s rather unstable political situation and under developed tourism is by far one of the most visited places in South America, not only the economics which (dollar/Euro) rated are really good, (You can get a whole menu: sald, soup, main course and dessert for 1 USD) but also the simplicity with which you can get around, the warmth of it,s people and the sense of "adventure" around you all the time! You can also see awesome roads, and the ancient "Tiwanaku" ruins, made about 1030 years before Macchu Picchu, and I found really impressive the fact that my guide told me this culture "Ayamara" were the "Masters" of the incas and I found that so interesting that , after some research I oppened my eyes to facts that only you can find in Bolivia, as the most convienient destination ever, just like I did, also look around for: Rurrenabaque, Salar de uyuni, Titikaka lake and more!
May you need any more info about this tourism paradise, drop me a note!
Good trip!

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Let me reiterate-you need to decide one one or t'other -South America in particular is a massive place.