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I have found a cheap airfare from Madrid to Portugal and I can go to any of these Airports: LISBON, PORTO or FARO. I am hoping to chill out in one place for a week and cannot decide which area is the best to stay in??? I like beaches, beautiful scenery and historic sights!!! I know that Faro has the beaches and Lisbon and Porto have the sights so I cannot choose!!! Also budget is high on my priority as well. I would love some advice from someone who has been to these places and can help me to make the decision on a good destination!

Thank you!!

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3. Posted by C.Pearl (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!
  • Also I will be going to Portugal in the start of October.*
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Quoting C.Pearl

*Also, I will be going in the start of October*

Hi C.Pearl, do you know a place in Portugal called Setúbal? It is located between Lisbon and Faro and has everyting you're asking for in one place: the white sandy beaches, stunning scenery and historic sights, and much more. If you like food, you'll love the portuguese gourmet dishes typical in this region.


And have a nice trip to Portugal!

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I´m a little bit suspicious for give my opinion because I´m from Porto. Although I have to recognise that Algarve (not only Faro) have the best beaches and whether, and they have some historic places also. Lisbon is the capital and normally is a warm city with lots of animation, historic sights, museums, etc! They also have beaches which are very pleasant but most of them insecure. Porto is the second city of Portugal and it has plenty of things to do and visit: historic sights, museums, great night life in downtown. The beaches are nice and clean, however the water is colder than in Lisbon or Algarve. If you come in October, you probably have best whether in South rather in North, but I remember that in the last year I went to the beach in October and it was nice.

I hope I´ve been helpful. Cheers!


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Hi C.Pearl,

I think if you come in October, you'd best stay somewhere that allows you to have a nice time wether it's sunny and warm...or not. There's no way to be sure, some years we have a great summer-like October, some years not...

Algarve has some fantastic beaches but by October it will not be as lively as from June to mid-September + if the wether is not so good, there's really not much to do.

So Porto or Lisbon are better options I would say.

I'm from Lisbon by the way. I think Porto is great if you're more into history + you can add some side day trips to beautiful towns up North such as Viana do Castelo, Guimaraes, Braga, Amarante, or to the Douro region to see the wineries and beautiful landscapes. It also has great nightlife, bars, restaurants, etc .

Still, I personally think Lisbon would be a better option if you want to keep your chances of going to the beach, the water is warmer than Porto and weather is usually better, 3/4 degress higher. (Btw, I don't think beaches are insecure in Lisbon, not at all). Just stay away from busy Carcavelos beach - go to Caparica or Guincho and you're absolutely fine.

If you want to add some scenery, you can easily go to Sintra, a beautiful historical town, Unesco World Heritage site, 20 kms away.

Btw, another tip on Lisbon if you are on a budget is that these 4 hostels ranked on the top 10 of the worlds best hostels:
The Travellers House
Lisbon Lounge Hostel
Goodnight Backpackers Hostel
Shiado Hostel

Never stayed there (being from Lisbon), but you can try to google-translate this article:

If you need any other advice, just shout,


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Hi All!

Thank you for all of the information!!! I decided to go to Lisbon :) Can't wait!!!

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hey there lisbon is amazing! if you coming in october there is also surf festival around baleal, Peniche that is kool and only an hour away.... obidos is also a very historic village