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I have backpacked before in South America but in May of 2005, I will be backpacking in Asia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I need some advice on not necessarily what to bring but on whether is safe to leave the stuff behind at a hotel. I have a trekker's backpack that can fit a tent in it (although i dont take that much with me) but enough for a month worth of clothes. Can I carry that around in Asia or is it too much? Should I carry an additional small back pack and leave the "big one" behind? Help!!

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What do you ALWAYS pack?"

Foam Earplugs. I find those things essential because i'm woken by the slightest shuffle or click (which of course, in Asia could mean months of no sleep). On sleeper trains and in cheap hotels, these little things come in so handy and can make a world of difference to your experience. Yet, apart from countries like Thailand they are virtually impossible to find. So i always need to take about 5 packs of them from home (because they have to be replaced every so often to prevent ear infections). I once spent ages in India and China trying to buy more,and just got bemused looks back from people in Chemists and such shops. Local in those countries are so used to noise,they can sleep through nuclear war. They dont need earplugs.

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This might sound crazy, but I have never heard of bringing baby wipes- unless I am bringing a baby I think if I was travelling in a country that has bad sanitation, then I would bring the ol' staple hand sanitizer, instead. I think that everyone should try this when they are hiking. You go to the bathroom in the bush, then you wipe yourself with your spare plant-recycled TP, or a leaf , then you use hand sanitizer to zap away the micro organisms. About the earplugs, I totally agree. You simply cannot live without them sometimes!

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Theres this gel (i think) type stuff that the police carry around with them-i dont know what its called, its a disinfectant/antibacterial stuff, although i'm not quite sure how it works if its a gel!

An officer had someone puke over her and they use this.

They carry some pretty kool stuff around with em!

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Hey I always pack my flutes, earplugs, knife, ipod, longjohns, floss for my teeth and patchouli oil.

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Vaseline - it's amazing how many uses it has!

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I reckon I always take way too much stuff with me..heh!:pUsually I pack the "everyday needed things" like camera,sunscreen,bikinis,towels,shoes,sandals etc..:)

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deodorant is important!