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Definately Baby wipes. Great to just freshen up, or to give yourself a wash where water isn't in abundance. They are also really good at cleaning burnt and greasy pots and pans!!!

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Quoting lil j

Theres this gel (i think) type stuff that the police carry around with them-i dont know what its called, its a disinfectant/antibacterial stuff, although i'm not quite sure how it works if its a gel!

An officer had someone puke over her and they use this.

They carry some pretty kool stuff around with em!

I work in a prison and we have similar stuff and its really handy when you need to clean up as soon as you can. You can buy something very similar at good outdoor stores. Its normally called Dry Wash. It contains alcohol that evaporates so you don't need to use water to wash it off, it also contains anti-bacterial agents and some even make your skin soft. I always carry a bottle with me.

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when travelling in the tropical regions, never forget mosquito repellent, and my favourite electric mosquito repellent! :)

a must a must!

and if i'm staying at budget places, i always bring my own towel, n an extra bedsheet (light one) just in case.

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.."beyond the obvious"

..what else is there to take other than the obvious ? : passport, credit cards, some cash, photo of wife and baby, camera but usually my pencil case, a box of cigars, some re-readable books, old and battered copy of the I-ching and 3 copper coins, 1 change of underwear, 1 pair spare socks all in a 1950"s French Musette..

..and beyond wearing a pair of stout, walk-capable shoes or boots dress for the destination..

..everything, but everything, can be found when needed somewhere on arrival, cheaply, and it's such fun finding it, and ending up with the local equivalent..

..mind you, i come back bang up to my weight limit, to the gram.....;)

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my must-haves!

- digital cam
- cellphone
- BIG towel
- my fave cap
- my travel notebook

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Just to add on, in 3rd world countries i think one thing i can add to your impressive lists would be an airline eye cover. You know, one on those slip on eye covers to shut out the rays when you're resting on a train etc.

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Mobile phone, PSP, ipod

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It's funny noone else has mentioned this, but I always pack a photo album with selected pictures from Canada and my native country in Europe ... They are always fun to show when getting into conversations with locals