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i am going to rome in two weeks and would like any info you can give on what to do and see on a budget while studying. also any cheap hotels for my parents to stay in when visiting. i wil be at american univ of rome in the Trastevere section of rome.

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Rome is a beautiful city. Here are some can't-miss things to see while there:

-The Roman Forum: It's now in ruins but it used to be the centre of town back in the good ole Roman Empire.
-The Colosseum: Probably the most famous of all Roman sights, it's a huge arena where the gladitors used to fight. If you decide to go inside you can see the undergroud passageways the gladiators and animals used before matches.
-Trevi Fountain: Legend has it if your throw one coin into the fountain you will come back to Rome. If you throw two in, you will fall in love in Rome. You have to throw them in over your shoulder, with your back facing the fountain.
-The Spanish Steps: Basically a very famous staircase that was named after the Spaniards (although it was funded by the French). Right near a beautiful park.
-Il Vittoriano (also know as "the wedding cake" building): It's a huge monument to (I believe) the first king of Italy.
-The Pantheon: Very famous in the world of architechure - it's dome (over 2000 yrs old) was errected without the use of vaults or arches for support.
-Circus Maximus: Where hariot races were held in the 4th Century B.C. Now, it's not much more than grass and dirt, but it's a little surreal to know that 2500 years ago, people were cheering on races there.
-Castel San Angelo: Very Old castle from 135 AD...even if you don't go in, it's good for a photo or two.
-Catacombs: I wish I had gone in Paris (just because those are more famous), but I just recently found out that Rome has more than 300 km of catacombs. They're morbid, but it's still very interesting.
-And of Course, the Vatican: St Peter's Basillica and the Vatican Mueseum are must sees. You can't be in Rome and never have seen the Sistine Chapel!

I guess that's a primer for Rome. I've been there twice and loved it!

Katie ;)

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I'm guessing your going to John Cabbot University then? I know they are up in the
Trastevere. They guy who posted the reply to you before this one was on point for the "must see" tourist attractions of rome. But just some extra input for some additional things to see, as I am living here in Rome studying abroad for a year, I would recommend exploring "your side" of the river a bit too. In Trastevere, if you walk away from the river and find, pretty much any road that's going up hill(now, I'm talking about the area of Trastever where John Cabbot is, and if this isn't your school, then the Piazza Trilusa area) you will manage to make your way up to the Guiseppe Garabaldi monument(big bronze statue of man on horse) passing a couple very important sites along your way. From the GG monument, you are given a breathtaking view from which to take in the city. With daylight, you can pick out the Pantheon, Vitorio Emanuele Monument(the big wedding cake), The tower by Trajans market... and I think, if you stretch your neck far enough to the left(North) you can make out the obelisk at Piazza del Popolo(where my school is). anyway, I find that since you are in this area already, take a minute to see the lay of the land, and then head out and get lost(which you will do many many times). cheers and i hope this helps in some strange way. Oh, I almost forgot, on your way up to GG monument, you will see a church on the top of a hill, in the courtyard there is Bramante's Tempieto, which you really shouldn't miss, in my opinion, and you won't run into too many tourist up there either. thank god. okay ciao.

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The Trastevere district is great, especially for cafes, nice bars and a more relaxed pace of life. I would highly recommend Castello Angelo...the building itself, and the history of it, is interesting but there is a cafe at the very top where you can sit amongst the ramparts with a cold drink or a coffee whilst catching the view over the city, and as a bonus you get a cool breeze to help chill you out in the Summer sun. From here you can also see the long wall that runs from the Vatican to the Castello, along which the Popes had to run whenever the Vatican was threatened by attack from sporadic marauding armies ! :)

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Rome is very expensive! stay alert...

I'm italian that live in rome... my room rent is 400€ at month + 200 about to eat and exit and buy out beer and foods in Rome.
And i don't exit many times :)

I suggest you of buy a journal in roma "portaportese", there you can find price of rent room in Rome, and it's better than you choice room far from famous place, because in this years Rome became expensive too much.