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21. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Not sure if these have already been mentioned, but . . . (1) toolbar above and on blog entries (bold, ital, IMG, etc.) is one giant mash-up now; and (2) the bulk image uploader is not working properly. It says the server cannot be found.

Looking forward to getting these issues resolved and getting back to "work"! Thanks.

22. Posted by jambo101 (Respected Member 414 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Not sure why the need to change but now instead of my default page opening with a choice of all the sections i'm getting a page full of new posts from all sections.If this is better than the old system could some one point out where i can view the improvements?
Loading times are long,
tool bar is in martian.
still no description as to what the emoticons represent.
When i make a post and click submit/update why am i redirected to the first post in the topic and not the one i just composed?

Ever heard the saying "If it aint broke dont fix it"

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23. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Hien

Quoting bluewaav

Quoting Sam I Am

Quoting bluewaav

I thought I would let you know that I noticed a bug. I was trying to unsubscribe from a thread and it wouldn't let me. The link kept saying 'unsubscribe,' as if I hadn't. I went to my subscritions and 'manually' did it, and it worked, but not with the link ..

Weird, is this when you click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a thread? It works for me... was there a particular thread you were trying to unsubscribe from? Will have to look at this one a little closer :)

Other than that, please keep any bug reports and suggestions coming!! We will continue to tinker at it till we are all happy (within some kind of reason of course ).

The thread in particular which I was trying to unsubscribe from was called "How are the Metro Stations in Paris" and the link is

Sorry I didn't post that earlier. For some reason I skipped over the last post when I clicked on the link in my email.


Hmm... I tried. No problems in subscribing/unsubscribing the Paris thread. Can you try it again, Steph?

I just tried it again. This time I had no difficulty subscribing or unsubscribing to this thread. Strange.

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25. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5642 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Some things have been mentioned but here are my two cents. But first of all, thanks again for a great job, regardless of what would be an improvement or not, to me or to others. Ok, here it goes:

1. Font is a bit too small for me, using IE6.
2. Agree with Niels about all the white, would there be any chance to have some more blue
3. For some reason, I have the impression that the beginning of text (both forum and guide) is more to the left, which somehow I just have to get used to, not really a big annoyance.
4. I would really like to see WHO actually posted the last thread, mainly because sometimes that's the reason I view a post, and also it's easier to see obvious spam within a second (same user in lots of forums).
5. Still slow sometimes, up and down like the last months. Could be temporary though.
6. Question: if adding travelguide articles to the travel help settings, does this create an enormous list in your profile on the right, all the way down? haven't tried it, but I think I might go for travelhelper on quite a few articles..;)
7. Bug in the guide I think, but: a. the last edit (Hoi An) doesn't show up when clicking on 'recent edits'. b. nevada is featured for some reason?? Is that a test?

Ok, so far.
Cheers. Mike

26. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!
  • For me, the font size is fine. It is a bit smaller but I set my own monitors so everything is small to everyone else who looks at them.
  • I agreed with Michael, at first, about the wanting to see the name of the last poster in a thread immediately. It also took me a minute to realize the roll-over thing so I could view the name. I don't mind either way, and believe the decision to just have the date roll-over was a limited space decision. (?) The upside to the names listed the old way meant you could scan the forum page quickly for new/suspicious/watch list names. The new version means rolling over, reading smaller text and moving on to the next thread. Basically, you have to stop at every thread to see the last name.

I do realize the mods have the spam notification page for checking on flagged posts. That's great, but not all spam/duplicates/inflammatories will be listed if someone hasn't flagged them. Again, it just means a bit more time to check on who's posting.

  • I took for granted most of the "whitespace" everyone is not finding favorable would eventually be filled with the google ads, photo contest stuff, etc. Especially on the right hand side, since so much space has been left blank. Rather like a "work in progress" and not all the elements have been added just yet.
  • I do like the way the information is displayed at the bottom of the page where there used to be columns. This is a much nicer looking layout.
  • The one thing I am really loving a lot, at least visually, is the mapping. Wow, checked the map for the TPF loans and what a difference!!!! It's way cool!! I'm looking forward to adding my new maps to see how it all comes together.

That's it for the moment as I haven't tried everything yet. Again, it is looking stark compared to the old design so some splashes of color would help. And, again, something tells me you're not finished with everything. Just a hunch.

Took awhile to get this post done. Kept checking a few other things and either had major stalls in loading or said site could not be found. It's found now.

Since I needed to edit this post because I was was easily confused by shiny things, I'm adding this comment.

Way cool on having the ability to create folders in the message center!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hien will be most appreciative since I think he's saved every PM he's ever received...

Question - we now know how many PMs are in our trash bins (I have 1867 in there) - will we be able to delete them ourselves? Also, interestingly, my PMs are in chronological order except the top three. Those are from 2005. (2 are Quebequios swear words and the last is German swear words. Thanks you tina and Cupcake! They came in handy! LOL!!!)

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27. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3891 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I'm about to catch a flight so haven't much time to write at the moment but I strongly agree with the comments about seeing who was the last poster in a thread- it's so much easier being able to see this 'at a glance' instead of having to hover over each name. As we know, spammers often post several entries at once in different threads, which is immediately apparent to us mods if look down the list and see the same name over and over. It's a hassle having to hover over each one just to see if that person happens to have posted elsewhere too.

Also, posters' profiles have been moved to the top of the post and we can now only see the name. I discussed this with Peter previously and I know it was a space- saving measure and that we can hover over the name to see more details; however there seems to be a lot of unused space on the right-hand side that could be used for this! I think it makes the site seem much more friendly and personal if we can see people's profiles 'at a glance' (I keep using that phrase) as to me it makes things look rather anonymous as it is now.

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28. Posted by Hien (Travel Guru 3906 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

For those using Windows XP, there's a display enhancement feature called ClearType which will improve the overall display of fonts. By default, it is not enabled in Windows XP. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, it's already enabled by default. Here's the instruction to turn on ClearType.

How to Enable ClearType
To use ClearType for screen fonts:
1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.
2. On the Appearance tab, click Effects.
3. Click to select the Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts check box, and then click ClearType in the list.

Note: You may have to set your LCD to AutoAdjust to get the perfect tuning. This is not required for laptop users.

29. Posted by Hien (Travel Guru 3906 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I noticed some of you are still using IE6. It's time to get rid of that and upgrade yourself to the latest one! :)

If you're using a work computer, get someone from the IT to update it for you. :)

30. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5642 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

As long as I get internet, I am fine lol. Fact is that it should be working fine in any case! I know many of you guys love the latest of the latest, so I'll try and do my best to have the latest version, usually being not an improvement but hey: the IT business needs to stay alive

  • Anyway, editing in the travelguide still keeps on getting errors: everytime when saving an edit it gives an empty article including a %5 text in the articles title? Very weird, and this has been so for almost 30 hours now. Is this one that hard to fix?

Also, a small suggestion: maybe go back to the old TP for a few days to sort things out? Or am I talking BS now

  • Regarding the map: it loads slow and when it finally opens showing the trips the world map is not in the middle: western half of the US and Canada falls up and show in the east It opens fine without the lines of my trips showing but then it goes wrong. Photos showing....I can fly to London before that happens
  • Not sure if this has been said but when I want to go the my control panel above in the dropdown menu, down to travelhelp, the menu disappears when reaching the toolbar (it hovers over 'search' and then disappears, hope this makes sense).
  • The thumbnails of the videos still are not shown and the video itself is slow as well, doesn't work fast like it used to.
  • In the travelguide, the featured article shows but when clicking on finding photos, no photos appear? This is not linked yet?
  • Event calendar travelguide: does the event has to be linked to featuring an article. Or is there another option to link this? Nevada now is featured but is far from good/complete. It might be an incentive for contributors, but I doubt it

PS: Something that is not meant as a complaint but a hint/tip to the people busy with the redesign: it might help to explain things and communicate just a little better. Not only towards the people in this thread, but on a wider scale. I have been missing this a bit to be honest. Also, some answers on remarks of members or possible solutions might be a good idea. I do understand you have other things on your mind and possibly are pissed of by things, but I hope you understand my remarks;)
For example: I've noticed that there are nearly no photos uploaded and fewer members have become members per day since the redesign. Also, it has been going up and down of course. I think this might damage TP for a short time and people are wondering what is wrong.

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